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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need eSUB for Your HVAC Company

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need eSUB for Your HVAC Company

If you have given any thought into transitioning your HVAC company to a digital based software to better manage your projects, business, and information; reading the 5 points below will help you better understand how much a virtual platform can improve the efficiency and quality of your business.

1. Managing your team

A key factor in successfully completing any construction project begins with teamwork. There are many important members of a single project that play a huge role in its completion; architects, general contractors, subcontractors, construction workers, project owners and more. It can be difficult to juggle the tasks and progress of every party involved in one project. If you want your team to do the best work possible, it’s important that everyone understands the accountability of the work and the goals of the project.

Integrating your HVAC company to a service managing software makes it much easier to implement these team building factors. What many people don’t know is how a virtual software can improve your team management; by having everything for your project digitalized everyone can have access to lists of changes, approved and final blueprints, site preparation and more. Overall, when everyone is on the same page, your project is less likely to experience delays.

2. Accessibility

With a mobile platform; you can do every task you need to complete, faster. Completing an ROI, creating a SOV, filling out time cards, writing daily log reports, viewing blueprints, sending a change order, and more; you can do at the tap of a button. Not only will a digital software speed up the completion of your project, but you can also trust that your data and the daily information is much more accurate than it could ever be by hand reporting data on paper. You no longer have to worry about the loss of valuable information, making everyone’s job easier.

3. Encouraging collaboration

Encouraging collaboration within construction projects does not fall short from using teamwork tactics to improve your teams work quality. One of the most common causes of delays on any construction projects stems from generating RFI’s and waiting for responses. A response can sometimes take weeks, even months, and set your project behind. With a digital platform, you can keep a much closer eye on the status of your RFI’s, and virtually work more closely with whom you are requesting information from. If both parties have mobile access to all the information on the status and importance of an RFI, the process is much less likely to be prolonged.

Using a digital platform to collaborate closely with other teams on the project not only applies to RFI’s but many other use cases. For example, billing for SOV’s or working with architects on as-built drawings are just some examples on how you can successfully collaborate for the overall benefit of your construction project.

4. Affordability

Mobile software like eSUB is designed to manage and organize construction companies that are driven by return on investment. An average American office produces hundreds of pounds of paper waste every year; you can only imagine how much more paper a construction company goes through to provide data, documentation, spreadsheets, time cards, SOV’s, RFI’s, change orders, and blueprints all on top of necessary paper use. The total price of this paper use costs your business thousands and thousands of dollars each year. More than just documentation, a mobile platform can save you money on postage costs; another factor of unnecessary spending when it comes to working in construction.

5. Transparency

Transparency is one of the most effective ways to boost your businesses efficiency. It all comes down to accessibility when everyone has access to information, data, and documentation at all times and any location; confusion and uncertainty are eliminated. This way, everyone is on the same page. Without transparency on a project, frustration is bound to break out; this could create a negative atmosphere on the construction site and between workers. Understanding goals and tasks to be completed is necessary for everyone to execute their jobs correctly. Having a mobile one-stop location for all your information gives everyone the opportunity to mitigate confusion and stay on track; decreasing or completely diminishing problems between the office and field.