4 Reasons Companies are Moving to Cloud-Based Project Management Software

4 Reasons Companies are Moving to Cloud-Based Project Management Software

Over the past several years, cloud-based project management software has grown exponentially. So much so that it’s rare to find any project management software that isn’t cloud-based. Companies have hundreds of reasons for moving to the cloud, but these are the biggest: 4 Reasons Companies are Moving to Cloud-Based Project Management Software.


1. It’s More Than Just A “Point Solution” Pony

Cloud-based project management software usually is more than just scheduling resources and communication, which is its biggest draw. Many software programs offer planning, scheduling, budget management, resource allocation, collaborative properties, communication, documentation, and administrative systems.  Phew! I’m tired already.  They have all the tools necessary to be able to comprehensively manage a project, depending on your service and package. Plus they’re on the cloud, which means they can be accessed by any internet connected device with a company login.


The cloud-based element helps businesses find and share documents, schedules, and resources faster than paper methods. They usually store project files in one location for every new project created, so project files aren’t accidentally mixed in with other projects. Being in the cloud also makes onboarding easier for new employees. Once the staffer is set up with a company login, they can access necessary files, schedules, and communications dependent upon their role within the company. Instead of the old way which required more training to show them where things are located.  Almost a one-stop shop enables employees to get up and running much faster and adding value to the subcontracting firm.


2. Bring Your Own Device & Save Money

Bring your own device (BYOD) is an incredibly popular movement within companies. BYOD saves companies money, and it puts device care into the hands of employees. It saves companies almost $80 a month per user. Many employees that bring their own device prefer it because they’re familiar with its features and functionality. It also supplies the company with cutting-edge technology as employees will bring newer or better devices than the company can supply.


It’s also a reason why cloud-based project management software is so popular. By using a cloud-based system, it can be accessed on any device so people can use their phones, laptops or tablets. It’s also easier for companies if someone leaves the company they can immediately restrict access to documents and communications and quickly remove company documents from personal devices.


3. Reduces the Costs of Doing Business

Cloud-based project management software is less expensive than traditional software packages. Cloud-based software doesn’t require an IT person and a specific infrastructure. You don’t have to invest in servers, hardware, air conditioning for the servers, or an in-house IT team for cloud-based software. Regardless of where you’re located, the cost for power, space, and benefits add up quickly. And you have the added cost of being responsible for any and all data recovery if something happens. Losing project documents, budgets, and communications can be devastating for a business.


Businesses also lose out on the ability to customize the software to their needs. Some cloud-based project management software offer APIs. An API is an application programming interface that allows businesses to build custom packages or exchanges with the software they hire. So if you want to push the budgeting information from the project management app to your budgeting software, you can build the package you need to make it happen.


4. No More Lengthy Upgrades and Minimal Maintenance

Another reason why companies are switching to cloud-based project management software is that it is low maintenance. Cloud-based software issues are taken care of by their company not yours. Your software provider will have teams of people capable of fixing the problem, while you might only have one or two IT people that could work on the problem. And it’s on your software provider to restore and backup any and all data.


Any and all upgrades are done to the software on your software provider’s end. So you don’t have those annoying reminders to update your software on your end, you don’t have to download the updates, you don’t have to wait for them to install. Generally, they’ll send out an email to let you know about the updates then update on their end. So you don’t have to worry about re-implementing or customizing your features.


Cloud-based project management software is a driving force in project management software due to the changing nature of the workplace. With work from home and work from field options, as well as the use of personal devices for work cloud-based project management software is the best option for businesses. It’s also a cheaper option once the true cost of the program is factored into account. Cloud-based software is the future of managing entire businesses.