Mobile Construction Management

Mobile Construction Management: The Solution to Avoidable Delays

Mobile Construction Management: The Solution to Avoidable Delays

The McKinsey Global Institute released a report early this year detailing how the construction industry is missing out on an additional 1.6 trillion dollars a year because of productivity performance and industrial evolution. They also outline how construction-sector productivity can catch up to the productivity of the total economy adding value and increasing profit. One of the biggest aides to construction productivity is technology, specifically mobile construction management apps because it helps track productivity and manage resources effectively.

Mobile construction management

Connect the Office and the Field

Cloud-based construction management software can keep all project data in one place; however, software with corresponding mobile applications allows businesses access regardless of location. Draft field notes or change orders in the field using the app and have those in the office view it once posted. These notes and change orders can then be tracked to see when they’re approved or if someone responds to it, this allows everyone on the team the ability to remain connected and keeps everything transparent. The ease of communication between the field and office also helps reduce costs and increase profits, because it will reduce time waiting for information or instruction.

Keep Track of Project Status

Implementing mobile construction management that allows task assignments and checks completion can help track a project’s status better than other methods. Assigning tasks to specific teams based on knowledge of when they’re available and how long the task should take also provides for better estimates for the business. Milestone tracking also provides big picture updates or percentage tracking for projects which is easily presented to project managers or clients. Using time tracking or milestone tracking features on a project and sharing it with clients helps keep everyone involved and informed of the amount of time or resources needed for the project and holds the appropriate parties accountable for delays.

Cost Estimation

Businesses can use easily accessible past and present project information to provide accurate analogous estimates for project bids. Then with the mobile app if anything occurs in the field on a project to require a change order or if the client wishes to change the scope of the project it’s easily documented, and the new costs can be quickly calculated and totaled. Using cloud-based software that allows office and field sharing as well as project sharing so clients can see what the cost estimations on change orders or proposed changes means quickly keeps all parties informed about all aspects of the project. Some software even sets alerts so that those in the office and the field know the moment a change order or proposed change is approved allowing for work to resume sooner.


Mobile construction management apps can help manage project and company resources in a variety of ways to better increase productivity. Resource management modules in construction software can allow users to schedule employees and equipment for specific projects and can track real-time changes to it. Using resource management software also can help people in the office or in the field keep track of equipment schedules so that tasks are scheduled when equipment is available and any equipment lost can be tracked back to the last place it was checked out. By allocating resources based on project needs, availability and employee skill level allow for more productive project management avoiding delays from overbooking.

Manage Your Apps

Another way to easily manage construction projects and software is to try software that incorporates all of your business needs. Having construction management app that incorporates all of your construction needs and easily communicates with a business accounting software keeping everything in one place can also increase productivity, especially if the software has its own project file storage source. Having all project files in one location saves time, especially if someone needs to go through old project files or find a specific piece of information. Having all project files in one location that can be accessed from the office or the field, a computer or phone, saves time and money and patience in the long run.


The construction industry might be slow to change and adapt mobile technology to its needs, but this is coming at a 1.3 trillion-dollar loss in value to the businesses that make up that industry. Within the next decade, digitization will save the construction industry trillions of dollars. Adding software and mobile construction management apps now is a business investment that will save time and money by expediting report preparation and other once manual processes.

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