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How Labor Tracking is Beneficial for Construction Managers and Employees

The success of a construction project depends on the crew’s ability to work efficiently and productively. As a construction manager, it’s your job to keep close tabs on what employees are doing on the job site to ensure that work is meeting optimal productivity standards. This constant assessment takes managers a great deal of time and effort and can often lead to errors. Fortunately, the introduction of mobile software and time-tracking applications is improving the efficiency and ease of labor tracking. With enhanced labor tracking and employee management, the construction workflow is better than ever before. To better understand how labor tracking benefits construction managers and employees, let’s look at a few examples.

Back-Office Benefits

Collecting paper timecards and manually inputting them into a computer is not a fun task. It can be challenging to decipher employees handwriting, and errors are often made. With labor tracking, the accounting department doesn’t have to process the payroll themselves. Instead, time records are sent wirelessly from the field! This allows employees at the back-office to see time punches, activities performed and job locations. A task that used to take hours now takes seconds!

Better Accuracy

Labor tracking utilizes GPS to track moving crews. This ensures that workers are at the location they say they are. With dozens of employees to manage, construction managers can rest assured that their employees are at their correct work locations. This prevents workers from getting paid for work that they didn’t perform and reduces unwarranted payroll expenses.

Worker Accountability

Labor tracking keeps field workers accountable for their work. Since employees must be on-site to log their hours, they can’t be tempted to forge or add additional work time. It is important to note that labor tracking can lead to employee dissatisfaction in some cases. To avoid this dissatisfaction, be transparent with your workers and communicate about their performance. If used correctly, monitoring workers can enhance performance and encourage better behavior. This also helps identify employees who may have taken advantage of the old payroll system. With labor tracking, lazy employees have nowhere to hide!

Minimize Unpredictability

The complexity of construction projects can lead to delays, unexpected costs, and various risks. With labor tracking, construction managers have access to real-time information on their worker’s location and status. This information allows managers to handle potential issues faster and minimize risks, delays, and unexpected costs. This keeps team members safe, maximizes time efficiency and prevents surprise costs.


Construction managers face the tremendously difficult task of managing the safety, efficiency, and performance of construction projects. Labor tracking helps make this task a little easier. With increased visibility into field worker activity, construction managers can better control projects and increase efficiency and speed. Labor tracking not only keeps your employees safe but also increases your profits. What more could you ask for?!

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