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How IoT Has Changed the Construction Industry

How IoT Has Changed the Construction Industry


The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the entire construction industry from top to bottom. With the ability to connect virtually every machine, system and tool to the internet, the construction industry has been opened to a whole new world of opportunity. Whether it’s designing a building or managing a construction project, IoT is improving almost every facet of modern day construction.

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To better understand how IoT has impacted the construction industry, let’s take a look at a few examples of IoT’s influence.


Tools and Tracking

Connecting tools and equipment to the internet has not only reduced the number of misplaced items but has also subsequently reduced the amount of money spent on replacing those items. With a large number of tools and equipment used on any given construction project, it’s no wonder that items get lost. Thankfully, IoT in construction has given us the ability to locate the exact location of tools, so we don’t have to waste time or money looking for them.


Equipment Repairs

Keeping up-to-date on equipment maintenance and repair is extremely important if you want to avoid machine failure. IoT in construction allows machine data to be constantly monitored so that we know exactly when a piece of equipment needs to be serviced. This prevents equipment from breaking down, solving the issue before it becomes a problem.


Building Information Modeling

 IoT in construction has completely revamped the design and construction process. Through Building Information Modeling, we can look at 3D models of buildings to better understand a building’s structure and systems. Also, BIM is allowing us to make smart buildings by placing sensors in finished buildings. These sensors can then send us valuable information on how a building is affected by different things like weather and time. This not only gives us important intel on the state of current buildings but also gives us the ability to learn and create better structural alternatives.


Green Building

With sustainability and environmental issues on the minds of many individuals, green building has continued to grow in popularity. IoT in construction has allowed this movement to grow in more ways than we could’ve ever imagined. Through energy management, green buildings can do things like shutting down certain systems that aren’t needed when a building is unoccupied. This is just one of the many ways that IoT is transforming the green building movement.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is slowly being introduced into the world of construction. As it continues to grow, AR will give construction professionals the ability to see operational instructions and other information overlaid onto the real-world view of the project.


As you can see, IoT has already had a huge impact on modern-day construction, and it’s only the beginning. The construction industry is changing and evolving every day and will only continue down this path. With IoT, the possibilities for advancements in the construction industry are virtually endless!

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