Early Warning System

Project Manager’s Best Construction Warning System

The construction project manager’s job gives new meaning to the term “multitasking” and each person multitasks differently.

Effective project management needs to be standardized to effectively keep track of the smallest details while never losing sight of the big picture for a construction company. Construction project management is an in-the-weeds job at the project level that demands aerial-view insight at times for the corporate level.

Keeping up contracts, submittals, schedules, requests for information and updates to drawings, and more means mastering the art of knowing where to direct your focus at any given moment. You can’t be everywhere, no matter how good you are at your job.

The right project management software is more than just a way to organize and track key metrics in the field – it’s an early construction warning system against the project manager’s biggest enemy: surprises.

PMs need to know when small issues arise that can turn into big problem later if not proactively addressed. Operation Managers need to know if the are too many unanswered RFIs or how many CORs have not been paid. Budget-busting disasters can start as an overlooked bit of information, or a miscommunication.

Construction Warning System

Project Management Software Alerts

Working within the eSUB project management platform, foremen in the field can submit field notes, daily reports and time cards for the PM in the office. Crews can enter data related to site events, labor activities, material costs, and workforce information in a fully searchable database that is updated in real time.

The Project Managers in the office can review and manage the daily reports to generate change orders, RFIs and more, tracking the details of multiple projects at every phase. It’s job tracking, job costing, labor tracking capability you can use to prioritize your time without the fear of an expensive problem sneaking up on you.

The software provides access to a central hub that organizes data into actionable, big picture insights while also allowing you to drill down into the details. Easy to use, standardized and scalable, it’s a forest and trees system that won’t leave you wondering if you are going to be burned by uncompensated rework or untracked verbal “change orders.”

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Streamline Your Processes from the Field

Effective construction project management software represents a record of what was done, when it was done, who was doing it and how long it took at every stage. It’s the insight you need to pre-empt inefficiency, cost-overruns, unpaid work and the risk of litigation. It’s the “single source of truth” for your projects. And all project documentation goes wherever you go, with our cloud-based Field Works mobile application that lets you document and update project data on the spot.

Give yourself the edge of actionable insights and the documentation you need to get paid for the work you do, with cost-effective digital project management and mobile workforce management ideal for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, concrete, steel, masonry, drywall, glass, and glazing subcontractors.

eSUB’s cloud-based project management solution was designed specifically for construction subcontractors, giving them a real-time view and account of their workers, enabling efficient work management within an easy-to-use platform.

If you would like to improve your management processes so you don’t experience construction labor shortages, schedule a demo to learn how eSUB can help.

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