construction time and attendance software

4 Ways Construction Time and Attendance Software will Improve Efficiency

Construction Time and Attendance Software

Nothing impacts the revenue stream and ultimate profitability of a construction company then does efficiency. The efficient, timely completion of a project makes the difference between profitability and a loss. As a consequence, even a slight improvement in project efficiency can make the difference between an endeavor being brought in on time and under budget.

One tactic that can enhance overall efficiency is the utilization of construction time and attendance software. Indeed, construction time and attendance software can improve efficiency in four specific ways.

Accountability and Efficiency

A key way in which construction time and attendance software improves efficiency is because it heightens accountability. With construction timesheet software, workers and managers alike recognize that they are closely monitoring and tracking specific aspects of time spent and tasks undertaken at a job site.

As a result, workers realize that they are being held accountable in a close fashion rather than what historically has existed at construction job sites. With this type of software solution, long gone are the days of clocking in and clocking out constituting accountability.

A primary, appreciable outcome of enhanced accountability via construction timesheet software is more efficient workers. In the end, this assists in keeping a project on track for satisfying milestones and the ultimate completion date. Moreover, it trims money from the budget as a project more consistently moves apace.

Ease of Use

Another benefit of construction time and attendance software is ease of use. Rather than fumble with hardcopy time cards and similar methodologies, a construction timesheet software permits workers the ability to “clock” in and out of work with ease.

A construction timesheet software solution doesn’t require significant training to utilize. Indeed, a manager can walk through the process associated with construction timesheet software with a work crew in a matter of minutes. Ease of use and minimal training also contribute to an overall enhancement of efficiency at a job site.

Reduced Mistakes and Error Rates

As was noted, historically paper timecards have been the staple of construction companies. The use of paper timecards remains fairly commonplace even in this high-tech era.

Errors and mistakes are more prevalent with paper timecards than is the case with a construction timesheet software system. Research indicates that the payroll error rate using paper timecards is over 1 percent per pay period. On the surface, that may not seem like a high percentage. However, consider for a moment a construction company with a couple hundred employees.

Payroll mistakes at this rate equate to a couple per pay period. Most construction companies pay on a weekly basis. Thus, an enterprise with 200 workers can end up with 104 payroll mistakes a year, or a number that equates to half the workforce.

Addressing payroll mistakes typically is significantly time-consuming. Introducing construction timesheet software can lower error rates, which enhances efficiency. In addition, lessening error rates associated with payroll has the extremely important added benefit of enhancing employee morale. Perhaps nothing dings employee morale and job satisfaction than issues surrounding payroll.

Automated Payroll Data Archiving

Finally, construction timesheet software can improve overall efficiency when it comes to audit issues and payroll data archiving. The U.S. Department of Labor advises that there has been an ongoing increase in the rate of wage and hour litigation across the United States, including in the construction industry.

Construction companies must be dedicated to maintaining and archiving accurate accounting data associated with payroll issues. With construction timesheet software, this function is done in an automated manner. In addition, should the need arise to audit this data, it is easily retrievable. There is no need for a company to devote unnecessary man hours compiling this data at a future point in time.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Scaffold Store, the favorite and trusted scaffold supplier of the largest contractors.