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How to Increase Collaboration Through Construction Project Management Apps

While the construction industry has grown in many ways, the lack of growth in regards to productivity continues to plague the industry. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, there has been a measly 1% increase in the construction sector’s annual productivity in the last 20 years. With all of the technological advancements made in the last 20 years, you’re probably wondering how this could be true. While there has been notable innovation when it comes to construction management apps, the construction industry has been hesitant in the adoption of such technologies. In fact, only 29% of construction firms use apps routinely, according to KPMG.

So, how do we break this cycle and increase construction productivity?

Mobile applications! Through construction project management apps, you will increase collaboration across all sectors of your business, thus increasing productivity. As you move forward, keep in mind the collaborative advantages of using construction management apps.

Construction Project management apps

Construction Project Management Apps – Get rid of paper-based systems

With so many different cloud-based mobile applications available why would anyone want to waste their time manually filing timesheets and other documents? According to JB Knowledge, nearly 40% of construction companies are still choosing to use paper systems. In contrast with paper systems, construction management apps streamline the communication process, giving team members instant access to real-time project information. This not only reduces the margin of error when it comes to paper filing but also reduces communication delays among team members. When it comes to time-sensitive information, this ensures that people are notified of important issues immediately.

Improve task coordination

Coordinating schedules can be extremely difficult when workers are involved in various tasks. With construction software apps, workers can notify each other whenever they need to, preventing confusion and miscommunication. Sharing information is essential during a construction project, and mobile apps help to make the process of collaboration a little smoother. This not only prevents lost time but also enhances productivity.

Implement quicker emergency responses

The construction job site comes with many risks. Through utilizing construction management apps, we can reduce these risks. Often, communication is the key to reducing workplace injuries. Mobile apps give teams a platform to spread the word quickly when emergency situations arise. By being able to collaborate effectively with your team, you can get the situation under control and avoid any loss of productivity.

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Improve checklists

Many construction management apps offer checklist templates to ensure that no tasks are neglected. People on-site and off-site can add and edit tasks for everyone to see. This increases collaboration when it comes to safety and inspection checklists and ensures that nothing important is overlooked.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the construction industry is one of the least digitized industries. As the world continues to grow and advance, it’s our job to keep up with this digitization. While this new digital age might seem intimidating, it will improve almost every aspect of the construction industry. With so much opportunity for collaboration and productivity growth, it’s time to embrace the digital age, starting with mobile applications!

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