Top 10 Benefits of Switching to a Plumbing Contractor Software

Top 10 Benefits of Switching to a Plumbing Construction Software

Top 10 Benefits of Switching to a Plumbing Construction Software

Contracting software might seem like a great idea for your plumbing business, but if it’s not designed specifically for you or your business expect potential setbacks. Now, if you are ready to make the move or even considering options, here are ten benefits of switching to a plumbing contractor software.

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1. Document Management

One of the major benefits of a plumbing contractor software is the ease at which you can manage the enormous amount of documents necessary in construction. Contractor Software is designed to be able to handle all your projects by creating individual folders (aka a virtual file directory) for each project. When you create a project and project folder, necessary documents and files are saved to that folder. Everything from daily reports to purchase orders is automatically in one place. Which makes finding that file or document you need with a few clicks.

2. Equipment Management

Knowing what equipment you have and who is scheduled to use it is a great aid to your business. Equipment management places greater responsibility on your employees, but software can help them do it much more cost effectively. It holds employees responsible when they check out or are assigned equipment. It also helps you better schedule current and future projects, since you’ll know what equipment’s available and how long it was used on previous projects.

3. Daily Reporting

When switching to plumbing contractor software, you get the added benefit of the software’s daily reporting feature. While daily reporting might not seem like much, the feature can be a life saver – reducing hours spent to minutes for submitting daily reports. Daily logs, field notes, and other documents can be uploaded into the project files, so you have a saved written record of a job. Which will help if a claim is made against you.

4. Going Mobile

Fieldwork is 90% of your business. So software must be mobile. And most plumbing contractor software have some sort of mobile features. Make sure these features are designed for you – the plumbing subcontractor, and not the general contractor or supplier.  That way you can complete field notes, RFIs, and other documentation in the field, or even clock into a site. Then those documents can be immediately uploaded to the project files for the office to see. This reduces the amount of physical go between you and your employees have to do in a day.

5. Scheduling

With any construction business, scheduling is incredibly important, that’s why scheduling should be a core function of the plumbing contractor software your purchase. You can schedule projects, people, and equipment to maximize profit and make the best use of your time. The overview feature allows you to see what any given project schedule looks like, helping you give better estimates. You can use scheduling data at the end of the project to provide better estimates for future projects.

6. Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is an integral component for any plumbing contractor software. It lets you know where your teams and equipment are. It also lets you know the completion rate of a project. Knowing these factors will help your business because you can better schedule or shift projects, teams, and equipment within a short period of time.

7. Digital Backups

Life happens; papers are lost, a roof leak ruins paperwork or worse a computer. However, using a cloud-based software ensures that your documents aren’t just saved on your computer. Your documents are saved in your company’s cloud, which is what allows you to access them from anywhere. So if something happens to the office computer, you haven’t lost your documents. Because you’re saving your documents to your account rather than a device.

8. Time Cards

Mobile app Timecards are an incredible boost to your business. And really good plumbing contracting software have this capability. Using a timecard app saves you time because you don’t have to worry about time cards being lost, or forgotten. There’s also the added security of GPS check-ins. Employees can clock into the field, and their timecard will prove it. You can easily export digital time cards into your payroll software, eliminating possible input errors.

9. Integrated Accounting

Another benefit to a plumbing contractor software is the integration with your accounting software. You can take your purchase orders, timecards, and other billing information and export it into your accounting software. You save your business time and ensure information accuracy when you directly export it. This gives you more time to spend on other aspects of your business.

10. Tailored to Your Business – The subcontractor

The reason to switch to a plumbing contractor software is that the product is tailored to your type of business. Unlike a general contracting software or general business management software, plumbing contractor software is developed for plumbers. This software takes into account the needs of plumbers rather than trying to fit all specialty contractors. With that customization and focus on your business, it’s bound to help you accelerate the growth of your business for years to come.

Switching to plumbing contracting software gives you a strategic asset meant to help grow your business. You’ll find more benefits than those listed here when you switch.