8 Types of Infrastructure Construction Projects

8 Types of Infrastructure Construction Projects

Infrastructure construction projects are what keep the important functions of the United States alive. Infrastructure projects are responsible for keeping electricity and water flowing to homes and businesses. They’re also responsible for the roads, bridges and other mass transit ways used to deliver people and goods across the nation. These are the various types of infrastructure construction projects across the nation.

Highways, Streets, and Roads

Highways, streets, and roads are common types of infrastructure construction projects. While more often than not streets and roads are repair projects, they are no less complex logistically than other infrastructure projects. As a result repair projects can incorporate street resurfacing. It’s less expensive than street reconstruction; however, it is a temporary fix. But street reconstruction is an infrastructure construction project that provides long-term fixes to an already existing road, and sometimes is the only way to repair it. Highway construction can be resurfacing or reconstruction; however, expansion projects are also very common in congested areas.

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Bridges are an important part of infrastructure construction projects. 4% of highway bridges considered to carry significant traffic are considered structurally deficient. However, structurally deficient doesn’t mean unsafe. Most of these bridges just need repairs, but bridge repairs can be a large undertaking. Project managers might find the logistics and expenses more complicated with heavily trafficked bridges infrastructure maintenance and repair projects. With the increase in infrastructure spending, many of these bridges might receive repairs.

Mass Transit, Airports, and Airways

One area of infrastructure construction projects that is growing is airport refitting. Many of the nation’s largest infrastructure construction projects are airport reconstruction and retrofitting. Many airports haven’t been updated in many years, and are in need or retrofitting. The overhauling of our nation’s air travel and mass transit systems are the much-needed infrastructure construction projects. These projects often require not only the laying or relaying of utilities and services but also of runways.

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Water Supply and Resources

Water supply and water resources are incredibly crucial to life. They’re also one of the types of infrastructure construction projects. Depending on the state you live in and what the local laws are, many of the water infrastructure projects are on updating water distribution services and improving drought resistance. California is almost always in a drought consequently, water supply and resource infrastructure construction projects are crucial to ensure proper water management. The refitting of these facilities ensures accurate and effective water transport and reduces the number of leaks.

Waste Management and Waste Water Management

Waste management and wastewater management is one of the more important types of infrastructure construction projects. It is what keeps citizens safe. The safe transportation of waste from residential and commercial areas keeps our cities clean. Waste products can include trash, recycling, and wastewater. These must be moved from residential and commercial areas to prevent the spread of pests and diseases. To keep citizens safe, waste management infrastruction construction projects ensure that the facilities where these products are stored are properly built and maintained.

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Power Generation and Transmission

Infrastructure construction projects include power generation and transmission. These projects can include the construction of the power generation plant. It also will include the facilities and structures necessary to store the power and transmit power. Since these facilities are incredibly important to the infrastructure of the country, their construction is important. Depending on the region and the laws, some states have moved to underground utilities like power.


Telecommunications is what allows the world to be as interconnected as it is. As a result, the infrastructure construction projects surrounding telecommunication are essential. There are areas in the United States that have limited access to various telecommunication services, while other areas have congested telecommunication services. These areas benefit from infrastructure construction projects that help ease the pathways that connect our world.

Hazardous Waste Removal and Storage

Hazardous waste removal is the last type of infrastructure construction projects on the list. These infrastructure construction projects are responsible for ensuring that harmful materials like nuclear materials are safely stored. The safe construction of these sites is crucial to maintaining a healthy populous. Infrastructure contractors that specialize in hazard construction understand the gravity of their projects.

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