Blog - 7 Reasons Going Paperless Can Improve Your Construction Firm Operations

7 Reasons Going Paperless Can Improve Your Construction Firms Operations

7 Reasons Going Paperless Can Improve Your Construction Firms Operations


It’s no secret that green business is a growing trend throughout all industries. What you might not know, is the multitude of benefits that green business can offer. While most people know about the environmental benefits that green business, such as going paperless, can offer, many people don’t realize the operational benefits. Although the construction industry tends to lag when it comes to adopting new technology and trends, this is one movement that should not be overlooked.


Construction productivity has remained rather stagnant over the years due to outdated practices and resistance to technology. The aging workforce has continued to rely on paper blueprints and forms and is feeling the consequences of these inefficient practices. Fortunately, going paperless is exactly the fix the construction industry needs to improve their operations, productivity, and business.



Here are a few reasons you should leave paper behind and switch to digital today:

1. Simpler and more efficient tracking

Cloud and mobile software increase accountability so that you can see who did what, where, and when. Cloud technology tracks employees on the job site so that logged hours are accurate. In addition, the timesheets are available in real time!


2. Easier billing

Cloud technology makes billing customers quicker through digital signatures. This means no more emailing or delivering contracts and documents back and forth and waiting around for responses.


3. Quicker and more thorough inspections

Mobile software offers easier and more detailed site inspections. Certain features allow you to record and transcribe, which can save you a lot of time and money. Time, location, and date stamps are also a useful tool in making your inspection reports more accurate. Filling out piles of paperwork is extremely time-consuming and prone to error. Going digital eliminates the risk and makes it simpler for you!


4. More Accurate

Whatever area you want to improve in, mobile technology can help you achieve it. Through checklists and daily operation oversight, construction firms can improve their productivity, protect itself against liability, and prevent potential injuries. While many firms may see a mobile checklist feature as unnecessary, it can drastically improve business processes through structuring the way data is collected. This keeps your firm organized, productive, and safe!


5. Less time

Going paperless means less time spent transporting documents. When you use paper forms you spend unnecessary time walking bath and forth between your site and your trailer. Digital software saves and sends documents in real time so that you can stop wasting time and start improving your daily operations.


6. Less money

Paper documents are not only time consuming, but costly as well. With the right software, you can drastically decrease the amount of money spent on printing forms and contracts. In the long run, you will thank yourself for going paperless!


7. More organized

Paper forms are easily misplaced and damaged. Implementing a digital solution solves this problem instantly! No more worrying about missing documents or smudged plans. With your mobile application, you can access your documents instantly anywhere you are.


While switching systems may seem intimidating, the operational benefits make it worthwhile for your business. Whether you want to improve organization, efficiency, or costs, the answer is right in front of you. The construction revolution is here and it’s paperless!




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