Improve Operational Efficiency

10 Tips for Improving Operational Efficiency for Project Managers

10 Tips for Improving Operational Efficiency for Project Managers 

1. Be present in the planning stages

As a project manager, it is important that you are involved in all of the different stages of planning. If you are involved in the beginning stages, you will likely be able to avoid certain issues and come up with the cost effective ideas and strategies. Being present also ensures that you are in the loop and are informed of the details going into the project.

2. Manage time wisely

Managing time wisely is one sure fire way to increase operational efficiency. With the construction industry being so fast paced, it is essential that workers are productive with their time. Using a mobile app is one way that project managers can accurately time track hours worked by their employees. Applications such as these contain GPS tracking systems, so that project managers know exactly where their employees are at, at all times. Time management keeps your workers accountable and more productive, which saves you money in the long term.

3. Hold regular meetings

Taking the time to hold regular meetings with contractors can help you stay informed on the productivity level of your employees. Designating specific times for discussion ensures that you take the time each week to make communication a top priority. These meetings are useful because they can serve as a time to resolve any possible issues and keep you up-to-date on employees.

4. Implement mobile technology

An excellent way to increase effective communication is to adopt mobile technology. This enables members of your team to have instant communication with each other through apps and other communication tools. Having mobile devices can end up saving a lot of time and eliminates the need for on-site visits. By being more productive with their time, employees will be able to get work done faster, ultimately saving you money.

5. Implement mobile construction software

Implementing mobile construction software can improve operational efficiency across all levels of project management. Mobile software serves many functions, all of which ultimately remove any need for physical paperwork. This means an elimination of the time-consuming and tedious task of filling out forms and more time spent on other aspects of the project. Mobile software also keeps better track of specific details and allows employees to adjust and modify documents quickly.

6. Provide Incentives

This method of encouragement can help provide some extra motivation for your workers by offering goals and rewards. A reward could be anything as small as a gift card, to something as large as a bonus. By providing an incentive, you can push employees to try a little harder and exceed their normal productivity. Incentives not only helps you to be more efficient, but it also promotes morale amongst workers.

7. Check in regularly with workers

Regular check-ins with employees will ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page. This is also a useful time to chat and resolve any problems or receive updates from workers. By keeping tabs on everyone’s activity and progress, you can help to promote a proactive work environment.

8. Pay attention to labor productivity

Paying attention to labor productivity helps you keep track of your crew and prevents any major productivity issues. You want to make sure that you and your crew are on the same page so that you get the results that you want. Productivity can often be affected when your crew is forced to work overtime, when there is a lack of tools/equipment, and when morale is low. Make sure to give your workers adequate time off, proper resources, and encouragement, so that they can be as productive as possible.

9. Keep a constant flow of communication

Effective communication is essential in ensuring operational efficiency. In the construction industry, there are many different units that need to stay in contact with each other. Maintaining a constant flow of communication between all individuals involved in the project helps to ensure the highest level of productivity. This means keeping your workers informed of their start times, locations, and tasks, to reduce any idle time.  One benefit of implementing mobile construction technology includes 2-way email integration, so all messages related to a particular project (and tasks within a project) are documented.

10. Improve employee retention and satisfaction

If your construction company has inefficient processes, such as outdated technology or lack of equipment, workers can become frustrated. It is essential that you provide your employees with the tools and technology that they need to get their job done. This also helps to make your employees feel valued and productive.


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