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10 Reasons to Switch to a Construction Time Card App

10 Reasons to Switch to a Construction Time Card App


Switching to a construction time card app could seem like a daunting task. But the switch comes with so many benefits to you and your company. And there are more reasons to switch to a construction time card app then there are to stay with paper time cards. Here are just ten reasons to switch to a time card app.


1. Ease of Use

Construction time card apps are easy to use for employees. Since it’s on their phone, employees don’t have to worry about losing their time card or time sheet. Employees clock in at the construction site and clock out when they’re done. They don’t have to worry about remembering the exact time they got to the jobsite or when they left. No need to worry about whether the job clock is right or where a time sheet was stored. With just a click, it’s all recorded.


2. Accountability

Using a construction time card app increases accountability. Unlike a paper timesheet, the location is accurately recorded along with the time spent there. Most mobile time clocks record the location of the punch in and out, rather than sending data the whole time. Meaning managers can see how much time was spent at a location and compare it to the field notes. They’ll know how much was done in the given time, increasing employee accountability.


3. Productivity

Because you can see where people were when they clocked in, you can use the real-time project data to know how much is getting done. Now you’ll know exactly how productive your projects are. You’ll also be able to use the data to provide better estimates. You might even see an increase in productivity because you do have more knowledge of what’s going on.


4. Fewer Errors

With paper time cards, someone has to input the information then load it into the payroll software. The error rate of payroll is 1.2% according to the Nucleus Research Institute. By using a construction time card app, your business can reduce the errors in payroll. Since the data is readily exportable, no one has to enter it manually. This significantly reduces the possibility of someone misreading a number or hitting a wrong key and costing your business money.

5. Time

A construction time card app saves your business time in more than one way. By using a mobile timesheet app, you don’t have to worry about manually inputting the information. Because the information from the time cards is easily exportable, you don’t have to spend time preparing the info. Because the information is accessible by a computer, you or your back office don’t have to spend time tracking down messy paper timecards.


6. Fast Approval

When you have a paper timesheet, getting it signed and approved can be a hassle. If you have to reject a timesheet and get a new one drawn up, it takes time out of both the employees and managers day. Using a mobile app connects the field workers with the office allowing all of them to communicate in real time. Employees are notified when their time card is approved or rejected so it can be taken care of quickly. And, quite possibly without having the employee leave the jobsite.


7. Auto-Export

With your paper time cards, you have to manually type up the time cards then go through your accounting software to import. But most construction time card apps have an auto-export feature. The auto-export feature allows you to export the time cards from the app into your accounting software. It simplifies your processes and streamlines the processes in place. Because your software all works together, you don’t have to spend the extra time worrying if it will upload into your payroll software or not.


8. Multi-Processing

Construction time card apps also allow for the employees to select their job. Not only do you know when they got to the site and clocked in, but you can see what job they were performing there, which helps you with your payroll or billing processes. If you’re a multi-state company, you can use the data on where the job site is to adjust local, county or state taxes.


9. Verification/Notification

Changing to a construction time card app can also save you some money with the notification system. You can set a notification for overtime. So you get an alert if a worker or team is about to go into overtime. It gives you the ability to verify whether or not overtime makes sense for the project. The notifications can help you save money and give you more control over the business.


10. Audits

According to Bloomberg BNA, there’s been a rise in wage and hour litigation. This means it’s imperative for subcontractors to keep their timesheets in case something happens. A construction timesheet app will store everything either in a cloud or on your business’s server. This means you could pull up the old time cards easily.


These are just ten reasons to switch to a construction time card app. The switch comes with more benefits to you and your company then listed here.



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