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10 Reasons Why Subcontractors Need a Virtual Filing Cabinet

10 Reasons Why Subcontractors Need a Virtual Filing Cabinet

1. Access your files anytime, anywhere

By storing files in the cloud, you and anyone you choose will always have easy access and security – whether in the field or the office. Whoever you allow can easily access paperwork and documentation from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Anything your staff needs to know to get the job done efficiently and proactively can fit right in their pocket.

2. Never worry about losing information

Paper documentation can be a chore to keep track of, the bigger a project is, the more paperwork needs to be organized and filed. This holds a huge risk of losing vital information to the project. When passing documentation back and forth between subcontractors, laborers, and general contractors paperwork can easily be lost or misplaced. And, with a high cost. With digital storing, not only will your files be safer with measured security, miscommunication about where files are located can be reduced or eliminated.

3. Unlimited storage

Not only is physical documentation difficult to organize, but it can also stack up and require extensive storage space. Storage space for documented files can be costly, and paying someone to keep track of this paperwork and storage space can also take an unnecessary bite out of your budget. Access to the paperwork you need is endless, and all in one place. There is no need to lose valuable time going out of your way to obtain the right documents.

4. Saving money, saving time

Switching to a cloud-based platform for storing your documents speeds up the organization of your construction company and the efficiency of the work being done. With eSUB, you will constantly have access to:

— Purchase orders
— Daily reports
— Time cards
— Documents / Images / Plans

Converting your company to a virtual filing cabinet improves the communication between general contractors and subcontractors. It is no secret that saving time on construction projects is one important way to saving money. Being efficient gets the work done faster, keeping all parties involved satisfied.

5. Environmentally sustainable

Paperless technology not only benefits the organization and efficiency of your company’s work but decreases the environmental harm you would otherwise leave on the environment. Virtual filing saves money on more than just documents and reports, you can save money on postage, envelopes and so much more.

With eSUB, you can decrease the waste your company produces with paper-based documentation and take a more sustainable approach to filing and paperwork. Statistically, American offices can produce up to a few hundred pounds of paper waste every year, this is why earning a reputation for being environmentally conscious is nothing but appraisable.

6. Easier to manage

Simply stated, going paperless saves headaches. With a virtual filing cabinet, you no longer need to spend time organizing and filing paperwork; nor do you need to waste money by hiring someone to do it. Workers can fill out daily reports while still on the construction site and make them accessible to anyone important, anywhere. There is no need to transfer information from hard copies to excel sheets. Instead, you can efficiently enter data on site and only once.

7. Better communication between employees

For any company, communication is essential. A project should never suffer because there was a lack of communication between employees, subcontractors or general contractors. Failing to execute clear and accurate communication can cause your project to take steps backward. With a digital platform, you have a collective one-stop location that Managers can access so that important announcements can never go overlooked. Employees can find the information they need, and locate stakeholders using mobile and cloud-based software with a few taps of a button.

8. Improving data accuracy

With general contractors and subcontractors especially it is vital that data is being collected correctly and no information gets lost. On and off the construction site, all parties need to have access to collected data to ensure that the project is completed correctly down to the exact measure. Recording and storing data is more accurately completed when done on a digital platform rather than written down on a piece of paper and typed up later on.

9. Information security

With a virtual storing you have the ability to pick and choose who is allowed access to certain documentation and files. Subcontractors are empowered to determine what information can be accessed by all employees and regulate documents that may contain more disclosed information.

10. Saving space

You may not think that paper files take up much space. Individually perhaps not; however, the bulk of document build up over just a few years of work can require mass amounts of storage space to house files, reports, data, purchase orders and time cards used for each project that has accumulated over time. Digital files take up no space at all, with a cloud-based storing system you can store files gathered through years and years of projects, without taking up any space at all.


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