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The Challenge:

Negative customer service experiences stay with a customer for many years. It makes many people gun shy when looking for new solutions. Unfortunately, not many software companies place a high value on customer service. Some companies package their customer support as an add-on item and even put a high dollar value on being able to speak with a support representative. Even worse than paying extra to for live phone support, is having to navigate numerous phone prompts to be able to talk with a live person. And even after the exhaustive phone tree nonsense, you are still left to leave a message. This can be an extremely frustrating situation when you want to get work completed.

The Situation:

A cloud-based solution such as eSUB Construction Software works well for Outkast Electrical Contractors as their employees do a lot of work remotely whether in the field, office, or from home. Similar to many busy construction managers, Christopher Gray spends a lot of time early in the morning or late at night to catch up on administrative work within his eSUB account. Unfortunately, Mr. Gray was not able to access the job information and not able to conduct his work. It was 9:30 PM Eastern Time when Mr. Gray contacted eSUB customer service.

“I called the contact number and encountered a voice message stating, “The offices are closed.” However, I stayed on the line and followed the prompts and pressed the number for customer service. I was fully expecting to leave a message when, to my surprise, the line was answered by a live person! Brian was great and got me up and running within a few minutes. This is one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had.”

Christopher Gray, Construction Manager of Outkast Electric

The Results:

Just like great buildings do not get built without hard-working subcontractors, great software does not exist without hard-working customer service. eSUB is committed to delivering the best service and offers unlimited training and support to its users. Every customer at eSUB is assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager and Implementation Specialist to ensure smooth implementation. However, once your team has been implemented, the eSUB team is still right by your side offering ongoing training opportunities. Whether it is the monthly webinars offering helpful tips or tricks, in-person training at an eSUB Academy event, or onboarding training for your new employees, eSUB takes user training and adoption seriously. Additionally, eSUB hosts an online learning center filled with on-demand videos and knowledge base articles for self-service support. For situations when self-service is not an option, technical support is available via email, live chat, and phone.

“I’ve had my share of negative customer service experiences, but every interaction I’ve had with the eSUB team has been positive. We are still in the beginning stages of our use of eSUB. But the responsiveness of eSUB and their customer service team definitely sets a great foundation.”

Christopher Gray, Construction Manager of Outkast Electric

About Outkast Electrical

With 22 years in business, Outkast Electrical provides full-service commercial electrical construction and renovation services throughout the greater Boston area with a team of 25 employees that is still growing. Certified by the Supplier Diversity Office of Massachusetts, we are a thriving MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) certified electrical contracting company.

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