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How eSUB Cloud Increased Efficiency and Reduced Stress for DTA Electric Project Manager Van Huynh

DTA Electric, a company previously reliant on traditional and inefficient paper trails for project management, turned to eSUB Cloud for a more streamlined and digitized solution. Van Huynh, who moved to DTA Electric after a 20-year career in the financial services industry, spearheaded this transformation.

The Problem

When Huynh joined DTA Electric, the company was managing projects through physical paperwork and Excel spreadsheets.

“Prior to eSUB everything was a paper trail,” Huynh says. “There was paper everywhere.”

This method led to disorganization, inefficiency, and miscommunication.

“There was paper everywhere”

Van Huynh, Project Manager for DTA Electric

As the company grew and began handling more complex and numerous projects, Huynh realized the urgent need for a more organized management system.

DTA Electric

The Solution: eSUB Cloud

After some research, Huynh discovered eSUB Cloud, project management software specifically designed for subcontractors. Huynh subscribed to the platform, investing his own money into the project. He found the software to be intuitive and easy to use in helping him keep track of crucial project information.

With eSUB Cloud, Huynh managed to streamline DTA Electric’s operations significantly. The tool helped him to integrate various functions such as project management, bidding, field communication, and day-to-day operations into one system. He moved from a reactive approach to a proactive one, where he could preemptively manage tasks instead of waiting for queries from project managers or general contractors.

eSUB is my online assistant to help me keep track of everything,” Huynh says. “Without eSUB, I’d need two assistants, and they’re very hard to train to understand the business and the process.”

One of the biggest efficiencies Huynh found with eSUB was the ability to track materials accurately, eliminating double orders and reducing material waste. eSUB also helped DTA Electric reduce its labor force by 40% by creating specialized teams that could move from one project to another in an organized manner, saving the company a significant amount of money.

“Before, on every job we’d send 10 guys [regardless],” Huynh says. “Now, we mobilize the team on the manpower needed to do specialized tasks on the schedule.”

Proactive Work Management and Improved Communication

eSUB enabled Huynh to organize his work proactively. Instead of waiting for emails from his boss or the general contractor asking for updates, he could prepare and present information about the progress of his work. He could identify the tasks that needed more attention and those that required follow-up or further information. This proactive approach not only made his work more efficient but also increased stakeholder trust in Huynh.

The time savings and efficiencies gained through eSUB allowed Huynh to respond more quickly to the general contractor’s queries. As a result, his relationship with the GC improved, leading to more frequent and efficient communication. The GC developed trust in Huynh’s ability to provide information quickly and accurately, which not only reduced his stress but also enhanced his professional reputation.

“eSUB lets me see all my work in one place and stay on top of things,” said Huynh.“I moved from the defensive side to the offensive side. Now I can just call my project managers on the GCs team [to provide updates] instead of waiting for them to email me to ask where we are.

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Daily Reports and Notes

Using the daily report and note-taking features of eSUB, Huynh was able to consolidate all his tasks and gain a clear picture of his workflow each morning. These tools allowed him to keep track of ongoing tasks, identify areas that needed work, and decide what to prioritize. This comprehensive overview made task management more manageable and led to a substantial relief from stress.

“I feel relief everywhere,”

Van Huynh, Project Manager for DTA Electric

“By having the daily reports and the field notes, everything is put together and I can look in the morning to see what still needs to work or what needs to be followed up on,” Huynh says. “So it’s just a lot of relief from the stress I used to go through.”

“I feel relief everywhere,” Huynh says.

Increased Trust and Dependability:

Huynh’s ability to provide fast and accurate responses using eSUB has led to increased trust from the general contractor. This trust enhances Huynh’s reputation as a reliable source of information, reducing pressure and stress on him.

“Now my GC communicates with me more often because they believe that I will have a fast response.”

eSUB’s training team played a crucial role in supporting DTA Electric through the transition, providing necessary guidance, and understanding the company’s business model to enhance the platform. Huynh found eSUB’s onboarding process invaluable in helping him implement, learn, and use eSUB Cloud.

eSUB provided personalized training and support throughout the onboarding process. They spent considerable time with Huynh, helping him to understand the software and how to effectively implement it within his context.

eSUB’s team demonstrated a solid understanding of Huynh’s specific business model. This is crucial as it enables the software to be tailored to the unique requirements and workflows of the user’s business, thereby maximizing its effectiveness. The level of understanding conveyed a sense of partnership between Huynh and the eSUB team, which further enhanced the value of the onboarding process for him.

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The case of DTA Electric highlights how the construction industry can benefit from embracing digital tools like eSUB Cloud. The platform not only improved efficiency and communication for DTA Electric but also led to significant cost savings and stress reduction. In turn, this has boosted the company’s reputation among general contractors and enhanced its overall performance.

Overall, eSUB provided Huynh with the tools and features to streamline his tasks, improve communication, enhance his professional reputation, and significantly reduce stress. It allowed him to take a proactive approach to work, which resulted in higher efficiency, increased trust, and improved relationships with his boss and the general contractor.

Huynh’s satisfaction with the improvements eSUB brought to his workflow and stress levels made him truly appreciate the software. It made his day-to-day tasks more manageable and allowed him to handle a large volume of work with less stress.

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