Explosive growth, more complex jobs spur A&P Air Conditioning to shift away from paper and Excel and into subcontractor designed software.


A&P Air Conditioning started from humble beginnings as a two-man operation. Over the past 35 years, the company established itself as one of the leading mechanical contractors in South Florida. A&P provides installation and maintenance services for air conditioning and cooling systems for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. The company boasts a wide range of experience across various sectors such as restaurants, offices, retail, hotels, and more including Port of Miami, Seminole Hard Rock Casino, and several public schools within the Miami-Dade district.

From its inception to now, A&P Air Conditioning is focused on delivering the best possible results and has never paid liquidated damages. All 150 employees of A&P Air Conditioning uphold the company’s core values of integrity, trust and a commitment to deliver, which is why the majority of their work is relationship driven. The team at A&P Air Conditioning values the relationships they hold with the various General Contractors they work with on a regular basis.A&P’s high quality of work has enabled them to develop strong relationships with several General Contractors in the area. 

Because of that stellar reputation, A&P Air Conditioning was growing tremendously, and Founder Inocencio Gonzalez and President Adrian Gonzalez invited Meyer Sarshalom to join them as a co-owner and Vice President. With his experience as a property developer, Mr. Sarshalom worked alongside A&P Air Conditioning on several projects and was excited about this opportunity to work directly with the A&P team.

“There are fundamental differences between eSUB and other general contractor-based solutions. Every feature and workflow in the GC Solution has to be adapted for us – the subcontractor.”

Meyer Sarshalom, Vice President of A&P Air Conditioning

Initiatives to streamline operations: moving away from spreadsheets and documents

As Vice President, Mr. Sarshalom’s initiatives included streamlining the company’s operational workflow to ensure that they were spending their time and resources wisely. He implemented a bid tracking platform to manage A&P Air Conditioning’s proposals. He was able to use this capture-all database to keep track of the proposal information including pricing, equipment, supplies, status, and reminders all in one central location. With that initiative completed and as Mr. Sarshalom began to learn more about the operations of A&P, he discovered that the team also needed a change in how they manage their projects.While this process served them well for many years, the team was growing tremendously and needed to manage their project operations and communications more efficiently. Mr. Sarshalom continued, “The new projects were more complex, generating many RFIs and plan revisions, which in turn translated to many Change Orders. And with multiple projects going on, with the same level of complexity, that’s when we realized we needed a solution to help us.”

Construction Case Study

“We were using a lot of spreadsheets and word documents to manage our projects… For example, we had a Change Order template and RFI template. We we would type up the information into the templates and then email the documents to the GC for approval..”

Meyer Sarshalom, Vice President of A&P Air Conditioning

GC-based solutions versus subcontractor-based solutions

Mr. Sarshalom began exploring different construction project management solutions. Because of his collaborative relationship he shared with several General Contractors, he asked them for referrals. Through serendipitous timing, Mr. Sarshalom discovered eSUB Construction Software. Mr. Sarshalom participated in a product demonstration and conducted thorough due diligence between eSUB and another vendor. In the end, Mr. Sarshalom selected eSUB to help the team the A&P Air Conditioning Team for project management and document control.Mr. Sarshalom stated, “There are fundamental differences between eSUB and other general contractor-based solutions. Because other solutions are designed for the General Contractor, every feature would have to be adapted for us the subcontractor. It would be an added step in our workflow. 

However, the biggest issue for us, which was also the deal breaker, was the pricing structure and contract terms of the other software vendor. Their pricing is based on our annual revenue, meaning that if our business is more successful and generates more revenue, our software price would increase proportionately to our revenue. Additionally, the contract terms of the other vendor state that they can conduct an audit on my company’s financials to verify the revenue information I was giving them. I do not believe that my company’s financials need to be audited in order for me to purchase software. Those were one-sided terms that I was not comfortable with signing. I needed a long-term partnership between A&P Air Conditioning and our software provider. With eSUB, my pricing is transparent and based on the number of users.”

“The eSUB RFI module is very helpful. There is a field for us to ask the question and suggest an answer, as well as track the emails. At any point, anyone can log in and determine the status—see what is open and pending—and act accordingly. It is simple straightforward and works the best for us.”

Meyer Sarshalom, Vice President of A&P Air Conditioning

Hire more office personnel or use eSUB: use eSUB!

Many of the eSUB modules are flexible to accommodate the needs and workflow of A&P Air Conditioning. The office team is now more organized. They are no longer searching multiple places for documents such as Outlook, servers, or other folders. Everything is centralized within eSUB for easy access.

On a day-to-day basis, the time savings the team is experiencing is valuable. Amidst their busy workload, project managers no longer need to chase down information. When communicating with the General Contractors, the team can easily access the latest and greatest information as quickly as possible.“In the office, we needed the organization and easy access to information. We were using spreadsheets and documents to keep us organized. However, the time savings we have been able to experience has been valuable. We were at the point in our operations where it was either hiring more office personnel to assist our construction managers or doing our operations more efficiently. Between hiring someone and paying project management salary, it made more sense for us to purchase eSUB. For project management, RFIs, Submittals, and Change Orders, eSUB is keeping us organized and saving us time.”

About A&P Air Conditioning

With more than 35 years of experience, we lead the market in reputation and expertise. Founded in 1982, A&P Air Conditioning started with two men and two trucks and has since evolved into a full-service mechanical contractor called upon by many leading brands, contractors and developers. Our services range from new construction and renovation to service and maintenance.

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