Proving Subcontractor Delay PART II


Many trade subcontractors experience delay to their work that often is not reflective of the overall project delay. Often, these subcontractors also find themselves in situations when their access to project schedules and schedule updates is limited or non-existent. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for these subcontractors to not only demonstrate the delay they’ve experienced in a persuasive way, but to even demonstrate their delay at all!
So, how can subcontractors identify and measure the delay they’ve experienced on a project when they don’t have access to project schedules?

This webinar will focus on the basics regarding:


  1. A review of the previous webinar objectives regarding the basics of critical paths and project delay
  2. A subcontractor’s rights regarding access to project schedules
  3. The analysis used to quantify subcontractor delay when project schedules are unavailable
  4. How to create an as-built schedule using project documentation


It’s the second in a series of webinars called Proving Subcontractor Delay with a future webinar addressing how to measure damages resulting from delay such as extended field overhead, inefficiency, and acceleration costs. The first webinar, regarding proving subcontractor delay when project schedules are accessible, is available on eSub for streaming now!.



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