Mitigating Construction Risk

Starts by putting technology in the hands of the field. eSUB project management software provides online documentation control and collaboration between the field and the office with built-in best practices for efficient and standardized workflows while at the same time protecting your company’s profits and averting construction claims.

Reducing Construction Risk – Documentation

One of the most desired best practices in project management is the ‘due diligence of documentation’ or simply stated ‘doing the paperwork’ and ‘having access to the paperwork.’ One of the most important factors in averting construction claims is the due diligence of documentation from the field as it provides the most accurate information for effective project management and evidence in any successful construction dispute.

eSUB’s core functionality is in its ability to make access and input to the paperwork or project documents easy and convenient from any mobile device. Critical daily work reports from the field can now be easily captured and instantly visible to the office from the project managers to corporate management. Project management can then create, document and email an RFI, COR, Submittal or any project issue to tracking the responses and approvals. Not only is eSUB creating an efficient, transparent workflow and storage documents but also a company-wide standardization of these documents.

eSUB software provides an easy to use collaboration process that automates the ‘due diligence of documentation’ and is designed by consultants with construction law advisory specifically for subcontractors. Legal context of correspondence templates provides further standardization to ensure your company simply gets paid for the work that it has performed and that construction disputes and claims can be avoided altogether.

Reducing Construction Risk – Measurable Deliverables

Further best practices in successful project management begin with a project plan and the adherence to that plan with measurable, comparable data. Verification and deviation from the scope of work, schedule and cost can be tracked from the design or estimate thru to project completion.

Developing a plan should be specific to each project. Formally, a Work Breakdown Structure, or WBS, is a hierarchy of construction tasks that details a project based on what and where it’s being installed. A WBS is a fundamental step in developing a baseline for the accuracy of the scope of work, schedule and budgeted costs. Effective project management requires measurable deliverables of these tasks to compare the actual costs versus this baseline of budgeted tasks and serves as an early foundation for effective scheduling and profitability.

eSUB begins tracking a project from the design or estimate stage with budgeted material and labor costs broken out into systems, phases and cost codes to match the WBS. eSUB’s easy to use mobile app can capture live data from the field based on the WBS creating meaningful information to track actual costs to the budgeted cost. Project managers and corporate management can conveniently review each project from any mobile device. Mitigating construction risk of labor and understanding project costs are the highest priorities in construction and can quickly erode profits if not detected, documented and formally submitted promptly.

Construction Risk

eSUB Cloud helps you manage your projects:

  • Documentation management, collaboration, and communication across all project participants.
  • Easy to use mobile app for field supervisors to create daily work reports that are instantly visible to office personnel.
  • Field supervisors can report hours by system, phase and cost code and even take pictures and record notes with text to speech.
  • Issues can be noted and tracked as threads with the option to attach any future correspondence or field notes to the original issue.
  • Automated workflows are built in for creating, emailing and tracking RFI’s, COR’s, submittals and other project correspondence with companywide standardization of documents.
  • Track budgeted cost versus actual cost including schedule of values and AIA billing.
  • Transparency, accountability, and convenience of information from the field staff to corporate management.

eSUB Cloud helps protect your business:

  • Due diligence in documentation.
  • Standardization of process and documents.
  • Tracking of milestones and budgets to actuals.
  • QA/QC to make sure all work performed and conditions affecting the project contract, scope, schedule, and cost, are easily documented and submitted.
  • eSUB’s overall process is built around construction risk mitigation and claims avoidance.

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