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Streamline procedures and seamlessly link workflows from the field to the office

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Construction Executive Project Management Software

eSUB allows you to access all your projects from a completely secured online solution, created and managed by our in-house technicians. This integrated online solution brings everyone to the table for the project. Thanks to the eSUB construction project management software, you can now enjoy some peace of mind by using a solution that has absolute system integrity and robust functionality.

“On a job where change orders got out of control with a large project that was fast paced, double shifts... the owner didn't feel we worked the hours we had, and with all the reporting we did daily with eSUB we were able to go back and prove that we did work these hours, and we were able to get paid.”

Mark Rowan, Vice President
Rowan Electric

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eSUB’s construction software solution helps a project superintendent create and adjust for efficient project execution. For a successful project, a well-coordinated team is a MUST. For superintendents, the eSUB project management solution enables them to formulate work-flow processes with clear activity charts and accountability. Even off-site, a superintendent can use the eSUB solution on a daily basis to manage projects, as well as provide real-time direction to the team. By reducing communication delay and increasing updates, eSUB’s real time solution makes it easier for a superintendent to drive a project seamlessly and efficiently.

Direction and Discipline

Without proper project management, the failure or delay of one task could severely impact the rest of the project. With a cloud based construction management project software, a superintendent is able to maintain the flow of a project by being updated by his team in the field in real time. By being based in the cloud, the eSUB superintendent module brings a unique advantage to the execution of the project by enhancing timely supervision and providing ground level decision making on a day-to-day basis even when one is away from the job site. eSUB’s cloud based solution connects project teams to the back-end, which can be customized based on each unique project and site requirements.

No Last Minute Surprises

eSUB’s mission is to provide the most trusted, reliable and user-friendly project management solution to the superintendent and the entire team of subcontractors working on a project. Its online and real time features enable the project superintendent to raise early alerts for smooth execution and avoid surprises.