eSUB’s Time Card Management Software and the eSUB Time app gives your construction business the complete flexibility it needs. With eSUB Time, users can simply punch in and out from the job site, creating a time sheet for the back office. The back office can access time cards through eSUB’s Time Card Management portal, reducing the number of phone calls and total time needed to process one construction time card. The eSUB Construction Time Card Management platform creates the perfect time sheet circle between field workers, project managers, and the back office. The combined construction time card solution connects the field and office to bring you integrated labor delivery.



The eSUB Time app makes time entry easy for field workers by incorporating all the necessary elements in a construction time card into a simple app. Once a field worker logs into the app, they have a simple drop down that helps them select a job site and cost code. From there all they have to do is punch in. When they take a break, go to lunch or are done for the day they simply tap the button again to stop the clock. And project managers can set reminders for a certain number of hours to ensure punch out. Since it’s on their phone, and easy to use, it reduces the amount of time and training needed to implement.


eSUB Time works to connect the field and the back office through commenting and notifications. Not only can the project manager set Punch Out notifications after so many hours worked, but workers get notifications upon time card approval, rejection, and next steps. With the in-app commenting, workers can easily question rejections, clarify discrepancies, and receive more information. This transparency makes construction time card approval simpler than ever.


Once time cards have been entered through the eSUB Time app, your company’s back office accounting staff can log in to the secure portal to review, edit, approve and upload time cards directly into your accounting software. If a construction time card needs to be rejected, it can be individually selected to reject; however, the back office can also select multiple cards to approve or reject. With location services, eSUB Time Card software flags time cards that were started outside of the geofence. Administrative staff can also access the reports module of eSUB’s Time Card Management Software to check on productivity levels, cost status through detailed summary reports and much more!


eSUB’s Time Card Software allows a seamless transfer of data from all your job sites, directly into your accounting software system, for payroll and job costing. One of the things that make eSUB different than other Time Card Management Software is that our software automatically generates the time worked by project. This helps project managers and foremen understand their project and job site better. While accounting packages might be able to provide productivity reports to understand where estimates can be tightened, they’re not as effective. Many project managers only get that data after project completion, which prevents them from making important changes to the project when they’re needed. eSUB Time Card Management Software is the only time card software that can help your construction business grow.


Thanks to eSUB’s Time Card Management Software your employees enter time card data from any location, eliminating double entry. Employees can simply punch in and out or enter individual time cards across a single or multiple projects, with a few clicks. Our Time Card Software has many features that even allow you to “drill down” and track efficiency levels on all projects, whether by individual phases, or cost codes, and even all the way down into the efficiency of individual crews. As a result, you have access to a comprehensive labor productivity report. By using eSUB’s Time Card Management Software you will also have the ability to track cost to complete, percentage of efficiency and estimated versus actual labor costs.


eSUB’s Time Card Management Software and eSUB Time work together to reduce direct and indirect costs to your business. Since each construction time card is kept in the appropriate project and has the right cost code, project managers can control costs better. A company of about 35 employees loses almost $10,000 a year because of errant time cards. Time card software is the way to reduce the direct and indirect costs to your business, especially since the return on investment is so high