Construction Management Software

Mr. Paslay is the CEO of New Way Electric, a commercial subcontractor specializing in electrical design. His had rapidly grown in size which made managing every project detail very difficult.


He searched endlessly for a management tool that would address his specific subcontractor challenges.
His business challenges included -

  • Lost revenue in Time and Costs
  • Managing documents between office and field
  • Real-time access to files by all key staff no matter the location
  • Reducing Risk and errors from poor documentation and miscommunication
  • And Enhancing productivity and tracking of RFI responses
  • Then, finally, Mr. Paslay discovered something for the field, Integrated project delivery software from eSUB. An easy to use Cloud-Based Project management platform to mobilize staff in the field that increases profits, allows them to manage documents, improves communication, and increases project visibility across the company. Helped by eSUB’s expert customer service team, New Way Electric migrated from old file systems to their new eSUB cloud-based platform with ease.

    Construction Software

    Foreman and Field Workers were up and running in a matter of days. With eSUB at their fingertips, they can connect directly to the office. They do not have to call the boss, yet mr. paslay has real time visibility into every detail on site. The boss says, “eSUB saved him personally at least 2 hours per day.” From the start “The eSUB system paid for itself after the very first job,” according Mr. Paslay.