Quick Start Pilot Program

eSUB understands that implementing a project management and document control platform is a monumental effort. It doesn’t have to be. This is why we created the Quick Start Pilot program. Beginning with one project and team makes implementing eSUB easy for your company. It also achieves two things: Accelerates recognizing the technology value of eSUB and helps you properly expand and scale its use across your large construction firm. Implementing new technology can seem like an overwhelming task especially when your team is already so busy. Starting with one project is a very effective way to make a positive lasting change, so focusing on one project and incorporating only a few changes can make an overwhelming task more manageable.


The eSUB Quick Start Pilot program promotes easy entry for subcontractors looking to implement construction management software efficiently and effectively.

Expert Guidance

Real-time contact with eSUB experts and best practices for assistance with planning new projects, cost codes, and migrations.

On Demand Help

Unlimited online training, so you and your organization can use the eSUB platform to its full potential.

Award-winning Technical Support

Anytime access to deep expertise for installation, configuration and problem resolution, plus product version updates and upgrades.

Roadmap to Success


1. Onboarding

  • Schedule Kick-Off call with your team
  • Activate your new eSUB account
  • Send client secure email with login credentials
  • Technical setup

2. Kick Off Call

  • Creating Training Plan
  • Defining implementation milestones and checkpoints
  • “Collectively” defining goals and objectives
  • Process and workflow discussion


3. Foundational Training

  • One-online session to review set up and creating projects
  • Two one-hour sessions to create standardized project management workflows – Project Management 101
  • Introduce Field Team to the award-winning Field Works Mobile App
  • Perform Role-specific training tailored for your team

4. Implementation

  • Unlimited Training sessions to help refine enhanced workflows
  • Add all new projects into eSUB
  • Create & track documents
  • Field testing Daily Reports & Timecards through Field Works Mobile App


5. Training and Support

  • Online/Phone Tech Support
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Self-paced, online training courses
  • Regional eSUB Academy training
  • On-Site Training
  • Professional Services
  • New User Training and Refresher Training
  • Account health check-ins and Customer Newsletters


With eSUB, our Contractors are not just benefiting from our easy-to-implement construction management software.  You’re also engaging construction management consultants who work hand in hand with you to design a workflow and accountability stream that results in better standardization, efficiency and profits. 


As web-based software, eSUB has flexibility on the back-end that can be customized to achieve your goals in accurately tracking your projects and pro-actively communicating inside and outside of your team. eSUB’s history began as Construction Consultants, and that experience and expertise helped design our Construction Management Software.


eSUB is Software as a Service (SaaS) for the way we infuse the delivery of our software and the service-oriented nature of our relationship with our Users- equal parts great software and business consulting. It was our expertise as Construction Consultants that went into the original product design of eSUB’s Construction Management Software, but it’s our User Community that drive the on-going enhancements. Today, our Users are the virtual architects of our system and dictate where we take our software and how we enhance it on a monthly basis.


It’s eSUB’s mission to provide the most user-friendly, accessible and flexible online project management and document control software to improve your efficiency and increase profit on every job.