Corporate Construction Management Software

eSUB's Corporate Management Module allows Project Managers, Executives and Power Users access to all of their projects in one single location for quick access and reporting. The Corporate Management module allows users an interactive global overview of all their assigned projects, documents and tasks. For example a Project Manager can quickly see what change orders are outstanding across all his or her open projects.


From the Corporate Management Change Order Log you can easily email, edit, revise, approve, add reminders or attach to the Change Order with one click. The Corporate Management module tracks all your construction documents such as RFI (Request for Information), Daily Reports, Transmittals, Submittals, Purchase Orders, Pay Applications, Drawing Sets and more.

Your Foreman, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Purchasing Agent, and Accounting Departments all access the same secure internet company portal from any location without having to manually sync data. eSUB offers continuous updates in real-time. You can even download everything to your own hard drive.