Construction Roles on the Jobsite and How Construction Software Helps Each Team Member Succeed

No matter the size or complexity, all project work managed by subcontractors requires teams with a wide variety of skills and expertise. eSUB Cloud helps facilitate collaboration and productivity on these teams through a user-friendly platform designed specifically for trades.

Construction Jobsite Management

1. President/Owner

A successful trade business starts at the top. For the owner or president to continuously run a profitable construction firm, they need real-time visibility into the status of any project, and the ability to isolate and troubleshoot problems before they escalate. They’re constantly asking their team: “Is everything on time and budget? Is everyone working productively? What can be improved? How can we reduce profit fade?” 

Having answers to these questions and other questions relies on timely access to information that is complete and accurate. The wrong information and profit forecasts could run wildly off, material supplies might be unavailable, or labor shortages could be slow completion. Too many wrong decisions and the results are disastrous. 

How eSUB Cloud helps: Using eSUB Cloud’s out-of-the-box reports, executives can quickly and routinely check in around critical milestones, seeing hours, change orders and their effects on project cost and status — without needing to request a report that could take days. They can get from a big picture down to granular a view of exactly where a project is at from the building to the specific floor to individual worker performance. 

2. Project Managers

Responsible for overseeing the project from start to finish, project managers are also the glue that keeps a project together. With responsibility for planning, budgeting, and overseeing all progress, having up-to-date information is crucial. 

PMs must remain in constant communication with all other roles in the organization from field workers to administration, to finance, to executives. They are always on-call — and must be ready for unexpected issues with the project, and to manage changes around materials, labor, and schedules. 

How eSUB Cloud helps: Project managers have an incredibly wide variety of job duties, and eSUB Cloud helps them to better manage those duties, giving them the information, they need to better plan, execute and communicate with the team. 

3. Superintendent

At larger construction firms, a superintendent oversees the foremen, supervising the project between the project managers and foremen. This makes them generally in charge of directing the project during every stage—from planning to submission. This means they need to be up to date on everything that happens in the field, so the foreman and teams stay on time and budget. 

How eSUB Cloud helps: Superintendents spend most of their time in the office, with occasional site visits to review progress and ensure safety protocols are being followed. eSUB Cloud provides them with key project information whether in the office or on site (using its mobile app). It gives them the relevant up-to-date project data they need to make decisions around timelines and goals, and to provide progress updates to clients. 

Want a more streamlined way to handle daily reports? Check out this short video

4. Foreman

For project foremen, consistent and effective communication among the various team members is essential. Such communication is vital to avoid problems or conflicts that could arise between the field and office. But since they are on site, today’s foremen need to take advantage of mobile technology more than ever. 

How eSUB Cloud helps: eSUB Cloud gives project foremen the ability to easily transmit daily reports, field notes and timecards through a user-friendly mobile application. And eSUB Cloud is paperless, letting supervisors easily enter information wherever they are, whether connected to the Internet or not.  Looking for a way to improve time collection? We’ve got you covered

5. Office Manager

Like project managers, office managers wear countless hats throughout the day. But one of the most important ones is making sure suppliers and field workers get paid. This often requires hours out of their day tracking down invoices and timesheets, many of which are still paper-based, re-keying information and maintaining rigorous document control without the benefit of a construction-specific solution.  

How eSUB Cloud helps: eSUB Cloud centralizes the data from the field and the office in a single platform with unlimited storage. Office managers can easily find the critical documents they need without calls to the field or wading through endless email threads. At the same time, employees in the field can be quickly informed of time-sensitive changes that might affect schedule and budget. 

6. Estimator

Estimators arguably have the toughest job at a trade contractor – submitting winning AND profitable bids for new work. Estimating all the costs, materials, and labor needed to complete a project from start to finish is often more art than science. But in an increasingly competitive and uncertain industry, estimators need the right data and solutions to get their bids right. 

How eSUB Cloud helps: eSUB Cloud helps supply estimators with accurate information about historical projects and costs. By providing estimators with costs of past projects, materials, labor, and more, they have more accurate information, which is crucial since being off in their estimate by even a little bit effects the bottom-line big time. 

7. Finance and Accounting

From estimating to tracking costs to forecasting profits, accounting relies on the accuracy of their data. Providing realistic updates on the health of a project, roll-up reporting, and tracking real-time job costs using multiple systems and document types often requires double-entry. Human error is almost inevitable. 

How eSUB Cloud helps: With eSUB Cloud, project managers are in more constant communication with the office team, able to quickly share information around changes on the jobsite — materials, labor, change orders — that affect costs, and vice versa. eSUB Cloud integrates with key accounting software, helping the business keep an accurate record of all project data without delays, errors or cross-communication. 

FAQs: Construction Roles and How eSUB Construction Software Helps

What is eSUB Cloud, and how does it facilitate collaboration and productivity in construction teams?

eSUB Cloud is a user-friendly platform designed specifically for trades in the construction industry. It helps facilitate collaboration and productivity among construction teams by providing real-time visibility into project status, enabling better communication, and streamlining various construction processes.

What role does a President/Owner play in construction, and how does eSUB Cloud assist them?

Presidents/Owners in construction firms need real-time visibility into project status, budgeting, and problem-solving. eSUB Cloud provides out-of-the-box reports that allow executives to monitor critical milestones, project hours, change orders, and their impact on costs. It offers a big-picture view down to granular details to ensure projects stay on track.

What are the responsibilities of Project Managers in construction, and how does eSUB Cloud support them?

Project Managers oversee projects from start to finish, requiring up-to-date information for planning and communication. eSUB Cloud helps Project Managers manage their diverse responsibilities, providing the data they need for planning, execution, and team communication.

What is the role of a Superintendent in construction, and how does eSUB Cloud assist them?

Superintendents oversee projects in the field, ensuring teams stay on schedule and within budget. eSUB Cloud offers key project information to Superintendents, whether they are in the office or on-site, helping them make informed decisions and provide progress updates.

What role do Foremen play in construction, and how does eSUB Cloud improve their communication?

Foremen are responsible for effective communication among team members to prevent conflicts. eSUB Cloud provides a user-friendly mobile application for Foremen to transmit daily reports, field notes, and timecards, facilitating efficient communication between the field and the office.

What responsibilities do Office Managers have in construction, and how does eSUB Cloud assist them in document control?

Office Managers handle various tasks, including ensuring suppliers and field workers get paid. eSUB Cloud centralizes data from the field and office, offering a single platform for document storage and retrieval. This simplifies document control and ensures timely communication between the office and the field.

What role do Estimators play in construction, and how does eSUB Cloud help them with accurate bids?

Estimators are responsible for submitting accurate and profitable bids. eSUB Cloud provides estimators with historical project data and costs, helping them create more accurate bids. Accurate estimates are crucial, as even small discrepancies can significantly impact the bottom line.

How does eSUB Cloud assist Finance and Accounting teams in construction with data accuracy and integration?

Finance and Accounting teams rely on accurate data for tasks like tracking costs and forecasting profits. eSUB Cloud enables better communication between project managers and the office team, ensuring real-time updates on changes that affect costs. It also integrates with key accounting software, reducing errors and delays in data entry.

How does eSUB Cloud standardize daily reporting in construction and prevent human error?

eSUB Cloud offers a standardized solution for daily reporting in construction. It eliminates reliance on manual methods, which can be prone to human error. Users can gather data, fill out detailed and accurate reports digitally from the job site, add photos, attachments, links, and other information, and then share the reports with relevant stakeholders.

How can I schedule a demo to learn more about how eSUB can help streamline daily reporting in construction?

To schedule a demo and learn how eSUB can streamline daily reporting and construction processes for your team, you can contact us through our website or reach out to our representatives for personalized assistance. We’ll be happy to demonstrate the benefits of using eSUB Cloud.

How eSUB Construction Jobsite Management Software can help all construction roles

Leveraging a technology solution standardizes daily reporting and helps prevent human error. The old manual method relies on memory and filling papers out correctly. eSUB is a software solution created specifically for subcontractors. It helps you create and share detailed and accurate daily reports right from the field—gather data, fill out the report, and digitally sign it from the job site. Add photos, attachments, links, and all the information you need. Then send the report to anyone who needs it.

If you’re looking to standardize and streamline your daily reporting through a single platform, schedule a demo to learn how eSUB can help.

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