The Field Data Collection and Construction Project Management Software for Trade Contractors

With eSUB Cloud, our mobile application allows team members to communicate more quickly, enhancing productivity in the field and office.

Real-time field data & labor productivity for data-driven project management

eSUB’s mobile-first cloud-based platform empowers your team with real-time access to project information. Capture information directly from the field to initiate documentation from the office. Eliminate duplicate timecards and daily logs. No longer waste time searching for documents. Stop delays due to waiting on RFI approvals.

With eSUB, clients track project activity and make informed decisions to keep projects moving forward and make more money on projects. Every document captured by eSUB, from lost hours to date approval received, delivers real-time insights for proactive project management.

Not a GC based platform

While the construction marketplace is flooded with many different technology solutions, many of them are targeted towards general contractors. A general contractor based solution does not adequately fit the needs of subcontractors. The way that a general contractor tracks money, time, and information on projects drastically differs from how a subcontractor needs to track money, time and information in order to ensure profitability.

eSUB was developed based upon 25 years of experience defending subcontractors ln getting paid accurately for their work completed. eSUB’s field-first communication strategy and dote-stomped document control delivers radical transparency and front end documentation practices to protect against claims.

Cloud-based System
Construction Guide
Recognizable forms that GCs will respond to by email
Get paid faster with quicker approvals

Built for trade contractors

Through the years, our competitors have focused on the needs of General Contrac­tors and Owners. We’ll let them handle those folks. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and easy to use project management solution on the market, tailored specifically for Subcontractors to increase standardization, accountability and productivity in a format that lends itself to complete collaboration amongst all team players-the Cloud.

Software as a service (SAAS)

eSUB offers subscription-based software so you don’t have to manage upgrades or expensive hardware. Our software is updated frequently via the web, so it’s constant­ly loaded with new features and enhancements to help drive the productivity of your team.

All your files in one place

Store as many files as you want in eSUB, from contracts and documents to drawings and photos. Project data can be hidden from specific users, made private or shared with all relevant users, but in accessible in a single database.

Easy to use for subcontractors

eSUB’s platform is powerful and full-featured, yet easy to use for subcontractors. eSUB prides itself on creating an intuitive and easy to use interface. Most eSUB users understand the basic functionality of eSUB after just a few minutes in the application.

5-star personalized support

eSUB’s Customer Service team is supported by our own employees-not outsourced to a third-party. When you call eSUB support, you will speak with an eSUB expert who has been trained in every facet of eSUB.

Mobile access

Connect the office to the field with eSUB’s mobile apps for iOS and Android smart­phones and tablets. Utilizing cloud technology, eSUB’s mobile application allows team members to communicate quicker enhancing productivity. Say goodbye to chasing down Files and documents since they are always right at your fingertips.

Increased accountability

eSUB provides key stakeholders 24/7 visibility into project health from start to com­pletion, and every stage between. Analyze project performance in detail to identify risks before they impact the overall success of the project or future projects.

Increasing efficiency

When project team members can archive and track emails, contracts, drawings, daily logs, RFls, submittals, and punch items from their mobile devices, they can address questions and issues in real-time to maximize efficiency and drastically increase profit margins. Keeping projects on schedule and within budget.

Real-time visibility

Every time a contract adjustment is made, a commitment is entered, or a change order is submitted, it’s tracked in eSUB. This allows project managers to keep teams on the same page, avoiding potential delays and rework.

Winning future business

eSUB enables clients to demonstrate their investment in project management effi­ciency, accountability and risk prevention. These are cornerstones to increasing your competitive advantage and ability to win more business.

Risk avoidance

Eliminate the hazards, activities and exposures that can negatively affect your compa­ny’s assets. eSUB tracks every activity and archives email chains and RFls, to change order approvals and daily logs. Tracking user-specific change history holds team members accountable at every stage of construction.

Have your team up and running in days, not months

With eSUB, our customers are not just benefiting from our easy-to-implement construction management software. You’re also engaging construction management consultants who work hand in hand with you to design a workflow and accountability stream that results in better standardization, efficiency and profits.

As web-based software, eSUB has flexibility on the back-end that can be customized to achieve your goals in accurately tracking your projects and proactively communicating inside and outside of your team.

Accounting integration

eSUB construction software integrates with all types of accounting software. eSUB can push timecards, purchase orders, change orders, and pay applications directly into your accounting platform. Once timecards have been entered through your secure company portal, your company’s back office accounting staff can log in to the same portal to review, edit, approve and upload timecards directly into your ac­counting software. Administrative staff can also access the reports module of eSUB’s timecard management software to check on cost status through detailed summary reports and much more!

  • Push and pull job costing data between eSUB and your accounting software.
  • Avoid erroneous data submissions by eliminating double entry.
  • View up-to-date job costing details as they are being recorded.
  • Always keep financial data secure.
  • Increase communication between project managers and accounting.

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