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Mobile + Cloud Technology Helps Major Electrical Contractor, Pico Volt LLC, Collaborate and Build Better

As with many subcontractors, Pico Volt LLC, faced challenges with scheduling precise staff and material resources on scale for many paralleling projects. Avoiding delays and miscommunications are paramount to saving the Electrical Management Consulting and Services firm valuable time and money. In addition, once personal were dispatched to remote jobsites, ensuring all mission-critical job scope documents and job-specific contacts were easily accessible and searchable in one location became a business requirement for selecting a solution designed exclusively for subcontractors. Hence, they discovered eSUB’s mobile, cloud-based construction management platform as a perfect match.

Improving Business Practices with Mission Critical Capabilities

Field Notes – “eSUB’s field notes are entered using Field Works Mobile App on mobile devices and have been very helpful to us, said Joy Painton, Manager at Pico Volt LLC. “We utilize Field Notes as a way to clock in on jobs by taking a picture on site with a time stamp. This feature helps protect the firm if there is ever any potential conflict about staff not being on a job when scheduled. We also use the field notes to generate job progress reports that can be sent to customers as well as using it to create inspection reports,” she said.
Correspondence Tool Box – eSUB’s CTB allows Pico Volt LLC to choose from dozens of industry-approved pre-formatted letter templates, any of which can be instantly customized to tailor each piece of correspondence for each situation. All correspondence is archived and automatically logged in a searchable database. The correspondence tool box helps Pico Volt send or request information to all stakeholders (as long as they are entered on the front end of the job) quickly, which means all information is safely hosted on the cloud and in one central location.
Simpler Job and Purchase Order Tracking - eSUB is the only construction management platform designed exclusively for subcontractors and their business processes. Pico Volt LLC can set jobs up using job numbers and purchase order numbers for improved tracking during the life of the project. Prior to using eSUB, the firm attempted to keep track of all jobs via emails and personal organizers. “Having a program that allows us to create job numbers and have all job files from drawings to permits in one central location, that is easily accessible really helped us in make the decision to purchase eSUB,” said Ms. Painton.

Pico Volt LLC’s ROI since deploying eSUB

“It is hard to pick one specific project, but overall eSUB has helped us on every project,” said Ms. Painton. Today, “We are able to track labor hours, document completed work as well as any changes that are made. This allows for us to have a detailed scope of all work performed, track our expenses and be able to have a detailed invoice that helps in getting paid for the work faster.
Providing the Firm’s field workers with an easy to use tool on every project – Simple login, quickly access up to date job scope files increases productivity and minimizes unnecessary back and forth with the Project Managers, and other office staff. The information is right at their fingertips to generate greater revenue. It also makes billing easier when the office manager can look at the field notes vs labor hours and see a detailed job report.

Mitigate Risks

eSUB's Client Success & Tech Support Team

“The eSUB Client Success team has always responded quickly to all questions we have had from initial training to different ways we can use eSUB to benefit our business,” said Ms. Painton.
With eSUB, our clients are not just benefiting from our easy-to-implement and easy-use construction management software. You’re also engaging construction management consultants who work hand in hand with you to design a workflow and accountability stream that results in better standardization, efficiency and profits.

About Pico Volt LLC

PicoVolt, LLC is an electrical company specializing commercial new construction, commercial and residential repairs, major electrical repairs, system upgrades, commercial preventative needs, custom home renovations, and building automation services.
We provide management in the areas of: high voltage electrical work, switchgear maintenance, electrical preventative maintenance, thermo-graphic imaging, access control work, fire alarm, phone, CATV, surveillance, HVAC controls, renovation, lighting control work, and electric car charging stations. We also manage all levels of commercial and residential service needs on a 24-hour schedule.