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eSUB’s field data collection improves efficiency.


Recognized as one of the premier mechanical contractors in Southern California, Pacific Rim Mechanical places a high priority on delivering projects successfully. Its about determining the proper scale, scope and having the right people on the job to maximize efficiency, quality, and safety. When undertaking a major transition from paper-based processes to digital workflows, the Pacific Rim Mechanical team held to that same philosophy. The leadership team at Pacific Rim Mechanical activated an internal technology committee to ensure a strategic and systematic approach to determine the proper scale and scope. The team selected eSUB Construction Software to maximize the efficiency of the Pacific Rim Mechanical team and ensure that the right people have access to the right information in real time.

Transition from Paper-based Processes

Pacific Rim Mechanical was challenged with paper-based processes in their field operations. Foremen completed daily reports either on paper or Excel forms. Regardless of how they were completed, the forms needed to be saved on the company’s internal servers resulting in a very tedious process.

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“The beauty of eSUB is the mobile application. Our Foremen love it. They can easily enter information from anywhere. For anyone that has ever used a mobile device, the eSUB application is easy and intuitive to use. They don’t need internet and it makes our processes extremely more efficient.”

Colin Cook, PE of Vice President of Operations

Thoughtful, Strategic Implementation

Pacific Rim adopted a very methodical approach from their procurement to their implementation. The committee evaluated several different solutions against a detailed matrix of requirements and selected eSUB as their field data collection and project management solution.

They were laser-focused in ensuring smooth implementation. Partnering with the eSUB implementation team, Pacific Rim Mechanical has been able to deliver a positive experience for its users with minimal disruptions during the transition.

“Prior to rolling out to users, the committee was charged with kicking the tires and tailoring the product to work with our current processes. Partnering with eSUB to get everything ironed out internally with our committee has resulted in a super smooth rollout. Only about 30% of our field team have been implemented, but we’ve been pleased with the results thus far.”

Colin Cook, PE of Vice President of Operations

Bottom Line

Getting everyone at a large company on the same page can prove challenging for many companies. However, Pacific Rim Mechanical and eSUB have partnered to address this challenge in a systematic way to ensure a successful adoption. While the team is still in the early phases of implementation with eSUB, Mr. Cook sees the value of eSUB in the road ahead.

“With eSUB, it is easy to do a daily report. It is easy to create and upload project photos. It is easy to use logs for RFIs and potential change orders.”

Colin Cook, PE of Vice President of Operations

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