Our Mission

Champion and elevate trade contractors to the forefront of the construction tech marketplace.

When you look at the buildings and infrastructure around us, it’s incredible to think of the hundreds and thousands of trade workers on these highly complex projects. In construction, the general contractors and project owners may get all the glory. But it’s the hard-working and highly skilled trade contractors that are ordering materials, fabricating the structures, and performing the installation. They are the ones who get it done.


Many other technology providers focus on the needs of General Contractors and Owners. We’ll let them handle those folks. This is not your GC’s solution. We focus on the builders that actually build and help them build better.

Our Story

Empowering trade contractors for over 30 years.

Over 30 years ago, eSUB founders worked as construction consultants. Sitting in offices and job site trailers helping trade contractors develop documentation best practices to mitigate risk and avoid claims. With the idea that trade contractors can eliminate the reactive claims process through proactive documentation, eSUB was born.


The first web-based version of eSUB was released in 2008, long before “the cloud” was a way of business. Over the years, as the company expands and the platform evolves, we remain steadfast on our mission to champion trade contractors. It’s because of that exclusive focus that eSUB has grown to support thousands of trade contractors throughout the United States and Canada.

Our People

Camaraderie, Bold, Passionate, Lead by Example, Transparency, and Results Driven.

Our eSUB team members are passionate and results-driven individuals deeply committed to empowering trade contractors and making a positive impact to improve construction. That passion has translated into strong customer retention and consistent ratings as the leader in customer satisfaction and usability.


Our trade technical expertise is guided by our team members that have walked in your shoes. They’ve installed conduit, developed estimates and schedules, and managed operations at the executive level. We are guided by technology veterans who have led highly successful companies through their high growth stages.

Our Investors

Partnered with the leading technology-focused growth equity venture firms.

Catalyst Revolution Autodesk