Roundtable: NECA 2020 Recap


NECA 2020 just wrapped and the virtual experience did not disappoint. The education sessions were stellar and the lunch sessions provided great entertainment. Whether you were able to attend NECA or not, let's get together for another fun lunch (or early happy hour depending on your location) to share our key takeaways from NECA 2020.


Roundtable participants include:

  • Lonnie Cumpton, NECA, Director of Construction Manufacturing
  • Rob McKinney, ConAppGuru and Strategic Solutions Engineer for eSUB Construction Software
  • YOU, NECA member


The tradeshow swag was definitely missing in this year's virtual conference. So, we're bringing the swag to you. The first 50 people to register will receive an eSUB Gator Mask.

Over the past 28+ years, Lonnie Cumpton has been innovating in the building design and construction industry by following an integration method of people, process, and then technology. Currently, Mr. Cumpton is the Director of Construction Manufacturing at NECA ( National Electrical Contractors Association).

Rob is a founding member of the ConTechCrew podcast and speaks on annual basis at conferences across the United States. During his time with the ConTechCrew Rob has interviewed numbers industry thought leaders about the changing influence of Construction Technology.

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