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What Construction Business Leaders Are Doing in 2021 to Transform Their Organizations


The construction industry is overdue for change. Valued at roughly 13% of global GDP, the construction industry is one of the largest in the world. However, companies continuously struggle to capture their potential value. Persistent financial and operational challenges have plagued the industry for decades. Delayed adoption of modern processes, technologies, and management approaches have limited construction companies from reaching their full potential. These issues are only exacerbated by Coronavirus-induced circumstances. In this webinar, we will discuss the three key areas that construction business leaders are focusing on in 2021 to transform their business models and reposition themselves for success in the future.


Reasons to Attend:

  • Learn the key areas of focus that can make the difference between success and failure for construction companies in 2021
  • Strengthen your mindset and gain a clearer strategic direction to move forward with your team
  • Enable high-performing teams to drive critical transformations and meaningful results
  • Improve your financial performance to reduce unnecessary stress
  • Deepen your knowledge about driving more relevant, exceptional experiences for your customers

Steve is passionate about solving complex and challenging problems, and has advised and served clients across many sectors, including engineering, procurement, and construction, renewable energy, and information technology. Through years of working as a CFO, management consultant, and entrepreneur, Steve developed broad domain knowledge and experience developing, implementing, and managing business strategies.



Rob is a founding member of the ConTechCrew podcast and speaks on annual basis at conferences across the United States. During his time with the ConTechCrew Rob has interviewed numbers industry thought leaders about the changing influence of Construction Technology.


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