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Whether you are still working on the jobsite or are in the middle of a shutdown, these unprecedented times have proven that trade contractors need to be fully operational on the cloud. Now more than ever is when field communication and document management are critical to mitigate risk. To assist trade contractors in this transition towards a new way of building, eSUB is pleased to offer a 90-day limited trial to help contractors manage their projects—whether from the field, the office, or their home.

Included in this trial offer:

Field Works Mobile App

Document jobsite activity such as field notes and photos, daily reports, labor hours, equipment, material installed, lost hours, and more.

Limited Document Management

Project files and email integration for a cloud-based centralized repository of communication and project files accessible from any location and device.

Treat every day like it is the last day on the jobsite and take photos of work completed. Complete visibility into jobsite activity—in real time. Establish standardized processes and best practices now for documenting delays and communicating proactively with your General Contractors.   Please complete the form so we can help your team maximize productivity during these challenging times and set up your eSUB account.