The ConTech Handbook Series Part Three: How does Software work for Contractors

Are you ready to digitally transform, but don’t know where to start? Scared your data is numbers with no real use? Does all of this make you want to just keep using paper and spreadsheets?

This webinar will review these points:

  1. Why is adoption of new technology such a struggle?
  2. What stops people from adopting?
  3. What stops companies from making adoption programs a success?
  4. How can we organize pilots and communications to make adoption happen at the right speed?
  5. When should you stop an unsuccessful adoption process and reassess your approach?
Hugh Seaton
Hugh Seaton has spent years in change management, advertising and market roles at Sony Electronics, AOL, BBDO and FCB, working on clients such as Pepsi, Qwest communications and Google.

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