The ConTech Handbook Series Part Two: How does Software work for Contractors

Is your team happy with your current technology program? Could you use some advice on what technology means, what technology means to your company, and how to develop your technology playbook. Join us for this three part webinar series with Hugh Seaton, a construction technologist with many years experience in fostering digital transformations.

This webinar will review these points:

  1. What is software good at, and what is it not good at?
  2. How is software created?
  3. How do I make sense of all these new apps?
  4. What are good questions to ask about data? 
  5. How to select software for your company.
  6. What should I require from a software company before deciding to go with them?
Hugh Seaton
Hugh Seaton has spent years in change management, advertising and market roles at Sony Electronics, AOL, BBDO and FCB, working on clients such as Pepsi, Qwest communications and Google.

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