Stay Up-to-Date on Submittals to Keep Projects on Schedule

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Keep Projects on Schedule

Managing the timely review and acknowledgment of submittals and transmittals are critical for a subcontractor to verify those correct items will be installed. The eSUB Submittal module lets users generate submittals, add attachments, and update current status, return dates and revisions. Because delayed responses on submittals can be detrimental to a project schedule, users can create a reminder to ensure project activities move forward efficiently.

Project Management Software

Complete Record of Submittal Process

eSUB is the premier document management and project management solution for subcontractors. Create a complete record of the submittal process with the ability to customize the submittal
such as adding status per line item, different types of data, numbers, or text fields to suit your company’s needs. Tracking submittals in eSUB provides irrefutable documentation to support the work being completed and mitigate risk.


Stay up-to-date on the status of submittals

Attach documents to back your submittals

Track down submittals faster

“Doing Purchase Orders, Submitals, RFIs, and Daily Reports have never been easier or more user-friendly.”
Renee McEntee, Lead Project Coordinator at Eckstine Electric