construction tools and equipment

Electrical Tools and Equipment for Electrical Subcontractors

Electrical contractors and hired electricians working in commercial construction require many different types of construction tools and equipment.

Job Safety and Efficiency

It is paramount for an electrical contractor and his or her team to have the right tools and equipment to do his or her job at the site. Without the proper tools, the electrician would not only not be able to work properly, but this is something that would likely disrupt the overall project. For example, if an electrician does not have the right tools, he or she is not going to be able to work efficiently, which means that he or she might delay his or her job. A small delay can end up delaying the overall project, which can be quite costly. As a result, electricians working on commercial construction require proper construction tools and equipment for them to be able to work efficiently and productively.

Construction Tools and Equipment

construction tools and equipment


Some of the construction tools and equipment are basic tools that should be in the arsenal of any electrician, such as screwdrivers. Another critical construction tool that should be included in an electrician’s toolbox is the “T-Stripper.” Because electricians have to cut and strip wires all the time, the T-Stripper is one of the most important construction tools for an electrician to have. Electrical wire is insulated with thermoplastic that is not easily removable by using a standard wire knife, so the T-Stripper is essential for worker efficiency and safety.


Pliers are used for many different purposes, especially the handling of various types of wires. Electrical contractors work with electricity, which can be extremely dangerous if he or she accidentally touches a live wire. Therefore, electricians use pliers for holding the wires when they are working with live electricity in order to ensure safety. Pliers can also be used for other purposes, including to cut wires.

construction tools and equipment

construction tools and equipment

Cable Puller

One of these is the cable puller, which can pull a cable at different speeds, including 25 feet per minute and 100 feet per minute depending on the cable. This can be a portable unit as well, and is something that electrical contractors tend to use quite often. This construction tool is quite useful and efficient for electricians when laying cable down across large distances which can otherwise be a tedious and arduous job.


Pipe Bender

The pipe bender is another vital construction tool that an electrical contractor is required to have while working at commercial construction sites. This tool allows the electricians to bend the pipes that they are installing when working on commercial construction buildings. The heavy pipe can be bent with extreme accuracy which allows a cable to be run through the pipes properly. For example, a wire might be required to run through a pipe and that pipe might have to be bent at a 90-degree angle. By using the pipe bender, an electrician can easily round the pipe, and thus work in a faster and more efficient manner.


construction tools and equipment

construction tools and equipment

Drilling Machines

Several construction power tools are also necessary for the electricians, one of which is a drilling machine.

Today, construction power tools are becoming smaller and lighter as well as much more powerful. While drilling machines can be either corded or cordless, most contractors tend to use cordless power tools as they provide much more flexibility when on the job. By using a cordless drill instead of a corded one, an electrician who has to drill a hole in the wall to install a wire does not have to worry about long wires or where to fight an electrical.


Project Management Software

In this day and age, with technology everywhere, we find that many construction projects tend to be managed using computers and software.

construction tools and equipment

Therefore, an essential tool necessary for electricians in commercial construction is an electrical contractor software. Though this software is not used directly when conducting actual electrical work such as drilling, it does serve a critical function in the overall of a construction project. This type of project management software allows managers and supervisors of electrical contractors to manage and supervise the project effectively and efficiently because they can monitor the work hours, the jobs started and completed, and many other aspects of the job site. Thus, even though it is not an electrical tool per se, it is nevertheless quite an important construction tool in the modern context for electrical contractors working in commercial construction.