Reduce Employee Turnover

Employees are a company’s biggest assets, particularly in construction. Therefore it is no question that high employee turnover negatively affects any construction firm and causes shortfalls that affect the bottom-line. Experts say that it costs more than twice the employee’s salary to find and train a new employee. Aside from monetary losses, high turnover takes a toll on overall employee morale and job satisfaction. Employee retention is especially important in response to the shrinking skilled labor-force that is adding pressure to subcontractor firms to attract and retain skilled employees. In response to these conditions, your subcontractor firm must be prepared to effectively mitigate the risk of employee turnover in order to ensure no lags in productivity or unexpected costs.
eSUB can help your subcontractor firm reduce the costly and time-consuming process of dealing with employee turnover by attracting skilled employees and improving employee retention.

Employee Engagement and Empowerment

It is important to provide employees with the right tools that make their job easier and allow them to leverage their skills and improve productivity. By providing employees with construction software like eSUB, they will be able to do their job without encountering frustrations that often come along with outdated processes.

Employing Consistent Strategies

With so many things going on at once in any given construction project, consistency is crucial. eSUB will allow your firm to standardize processes to save time and ensure everybody is on the same page regarding training, reports, and other documents. This standardization will allow employees to always have the necessary tools at their fingertips to complete any task.


Employee Onboarding

eSUB also aids in onboarding and training by reducing time spent training new employees that often causes productivity lags. By getting new employees effectively up to speed, these employees will be able to do high quality work in less time that will contribute to a company’s overall productivity. By effectively training and onboarding them, employees will feel like they are making a valuable contribution to the company, which will increase their loyalty to the company in the long-term.


Employee Training and Retention

Training should not only be conducted at the onset of an employee’s career at a company, but should be on ongoing process intended to continuously improve employee’s skills and the company’s overall success. These refresher courses should be personalized to the specific needs of each employee, which will lead to higher acceptance of these courses by employees as well as allow each employee to continuously improve. eSUB’s project tracking and productivity measures will allow the subcontractor to hone in on specific opportunities for improvement for each individual employee. The subcontractor will then be able to constantly train his or her employees according to their specific needs. Personalized training will make the employee feel as though their contribution to the company is important and that they as individuals matter to the success of the company.


In the face of a diminishing skilled workforce, the construction industry must ensure that it is able to retain employees and reduce turnover. eSUB will create higher job satisfaction among employees and will empower employees to positively contribute to a company’s success.


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  • Provide employees with the necessary tools to complete their jobs effectively.
  • More efficient onboarding and training processes.
  • Project and productivity tracking for tailored training and employee improvement.