On-Demand Webinar

eSUB from the Field: Putting the PRO back in Productivity

Join Jeff Sample of eSUB and Rob McKinney of ICT Tracker for a three-part series dedicated to productivity for Trade Contractors.

Part 1: Safety is Productivity's Best Friend

In part one, we will uncover the hidden relationships between safety and productivity, analyze the metrics behind calculating productivity in the field, and demystify the “Money Ball” approach to construction.

Part 2: Collaboration Prevents Rework

Part two will focus our attention on personnel management and creating cohesive crews, reducing material handling costs, and avoiding the profit killer: rework.

Part 3: Disrupt Yourself

The final installment in the series will focus on continuing the evolution of your company and becoming your own disruptor. We will focus on using the data collected to positively impact your companies journey to its future while creating a space to challenge the business as usual approach.