Proving Subcontractor


Many trade subcontractors experience delay to their work on projects but might not understand how to persuasively quantify the associated costs. You may even find yourself in situations where you can demonstrate the amount of delay, but don’t know which costs you can request for compensable damages, or how to request them.
So, how can you identify and calculate the delay-related costs you’re entitled to recover on a project that’s experienced delay? What’s the most persuasive approach to communicating these costs to your client? And what are the strategies you need to be aware of?

This webinar will focus on the basics regarding:


  1. What costs are related to project delay and can be recovered by subcontractors
  2. Examples and how to quanitfy those delay-releated costs in a pesuasive way
  3. And how to build a pesuasive request for delay-related costs using project documentation


It's the third in a series of webinars called Proving Subcontractor Delay with past webinars addressing how to prove subcontractor delay when project schedules are accessible and when they are not accessible. Those webinars are available on eSUB for streaming now!



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