Visibility to Complete Projects On Time and Within Budget

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Document and Task Management to Connect the Field and Office

As a complete document management solution for project management, eSUB provides visibility into all project documents and field activities. Using cloud-based technology for connectivity from any location and any device, field foreman and project managers always have access to the latest documents, drawings, submittals, and data to connect the field and the office for complete project collaboration.

Project Management Software

Standardized and Repeatable Process to Mitigate Risk

eSUB construction project management standardizes project management procedures so project managers can enter and manage data, site events, labor activities, material costs, workforce information and more into a fully searchable database updated in real-time. Built upon 30 years of experience as construction consultants, eSUB provides a methodical approach to managing projects for risk mitigation and claims avoidance.


Easy to create and track documents to get paid quicker

Centralized view of project activity to increase accountability

Proactively track labor productivity and project progress to mitigate risk

“We looked at GC Project Management platforms, and they fell short on capabilities. We preferred eSUB because they understood subs like no other software company.”
Joe Silvestro, head of Commercial Sales, Midwest Concrete.