Best Construction Software for Subcontractors

For years, Metro Erectors tried using various project management software products without much success. The company was experiencing inconsistent reporting from the field to the office.


It was hard to track crew performance and productivity within each concurrent project. This was a major problem causing tons of lost revenue. Metro Erectors then discovered eSUB Construction Software. eSUB is a cloud-based project management platform created by subcontractors for subcontractors. eSUB allows team members to access construction documents from any location on any device.

Constructtion Software

Field foreman and project managers can now use their phones to record timecards, manage RFIs, and complete change orders directly from the field. The back office has access to this information in real time with eSUB’s instant reporting and tracking tools. Because of the increased visibility, the turnaround time on crucial project documents now takes minutes instead of days.
“Field crews are able to leverage eSUB’s all-in-one platform for daily project delivery activities and efficiently provide reports to the back office.”