Ensure Accountability

Site inspections, internal meetings, safety meetings, and more frequently occur on a project. eSUB Meeting Minutes allows users to create a record of project meetings documenting attendees, pertinent details, task assignments, and even date, time and location for the next meeting. Add in email reminders and eSUB is helping your team complete tasks and close out projects faster.

Project Management Software

Manage Punch Lists

No need to utilize a standalone Punch List app when eSUB Meeting Minutes can easily be used for Punch Lists. Use Meeting Minutes to create a task list of what needs to be accomplished, who's responsible, due dates, and status of Punch List items. When Punch Lists are managed in eSUB along with the rest of your project documentation, it provides a centralized view of all project tasks and deadlines.


Complete tracking of meetings details

Improved visibility into all project tasks and deadlines

Ensure tasks are completed on time with automated reminders

“We’ve eliminated the days of searching for lost documents and receipts, notes, field reports, time cards, and so forth”
Joe Silvestro, Head of Commerical Sales, Midwest Concrete