Construction Project Management Software: Estimating Integrations

How it Works

Data transfer from estimates is managed quickly and seamlessly. eSUB allows imports of cost codes, costs by systems/phases, contracts, vendor information, project info and bid amounts from your estimating system. This process eliminates duplicate data entry and errors, and increases accuracy and profit margins.
eSUB utilizes estimating information as a benchmark to manage project costs and productivity through several in-depth reports. For example, eSUB’s Percent of Efficiency reports utilizes estimated hours against used hours to determine labor efficiency. Additional reports such as cost-to-complete and cost summary reports empower the project manager to proactively tracking and compare budgeted costs against actual costs to make strategic decisions to improve project delivery and profitability.

“The eSUB platform enables me to work with every department – Estimating, PM, through Accounting to do everything the same way and allows for management to easily track each project’s progression.”

Travis Flora, Project/Safety Coordinator at Eagle’s View Construction

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