Construction Project Management Software: Drawing Integrations

Why eSUB?

With construction labor productivity declining and the industry embracing technology, will that improve project delivery? Maybe. But disjointed interests among various stakeholders is the big problem. There needs to be fundamental change to project delivery in order to move the needle in terms of delivering high quality projects faster and with less rework.
As the advocate for all things related to subcontractors, eSUB’s vision is to ensure subcontractors are recognized for the important role they play in the construction lifecycle. The model in which an architect designs a building and then throws it over the wall to the general contractor needs to go away. The model in which major subcontractors, the ones responsible for over 80% of labor on commercial projects, not being involved in the design process needs to go away.
Subcontractors are the constructability experts and delivery of labor force and serve a vital role in project delivery. The eSUB-Autodesk strategic investment partnership connects design team and subcontractors to work directly together the common data platform of BIM 360.

“Within our company, we utilize many different technologies throughout our operations—from preconstruction, construction, and facility maintenance.”
“When we can create levels of integration between different phases of construction, such as with Autodesk and eSUB, the levels of efficiency and collaboration benefits all project stakeholders.”

Clint Elliott, Owner at Action, Inc.

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