Construction Project Management Software: Accounting Integrations

Why eSUB?

Integrating project management and accounting systems plays an important role in keeping your operations and accounting teams aligned and deliver complete visibility into project financials for both sides. Because of this importance, eSUB’s Accounting Integration delivers efficiencies to both teams by:

Eliminate manual entry
Manual entry consumes a lot of time that can be utilized on more productive activities. It also brings additional risk of inaccurate data. Whether through flat file import or direct connector, manual entry is eliminated to eliminate those risks.

Up-to-date, consistent data
Project Managers have access to real-time job costing information and other financial data for informed decision-making. Integration ensures consistent data between both systems.

Streamlined operations
Accounting no longer needs to wait for information to process payroll or invoices. Project managers no longer have to go back and forth with Accounting to obtain information for reports. Both departments have easy access to information they need to conduct their work.

“Transferring timecards to QuickBooks is another big timesaver for our team.”
"eSUB digitizes all of our timecards and automates the process to relieve the burden of manual data entry in the office. Before eSUB, timecard processing would take half a day. With eSUB, our Accounting team can now process 30-40 timecards in minutes.”

Anthony Fuller, Operations Director at Fuller Electric

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