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eSUB Cloud helps structural steel contractors more efficiently manage project deliverables, timelines, and costs to complete the job on schedule and within budget. Win more jobs and grow your business using eSUB.
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Critically important contractors need software they can count on

Structural steel contractors have a huge responsibility. They are at the core of any big construction project, fabricating, assembling, and erecting steel frames safely and soundly. Poor execution of any step along the way erodes profits and ultimately damages the contractor’s reputation.
eSUB recognizes the importance of structural steel contractors, so our solution was designed so that absolutely nothing gets missed. Automate document workflow, streamline communications, and expedite the approval of change orders with a cloud-based solution built to be as solid as the buildings you frame.

Steel contractors rely on eSUB Cloud to get the data they need in real time

Documentation Made Easy

No more project management in Excel spreadsheets or endless email threads. Create, log, track, and store every email, attachment, and detail that relates to your projects. Keep everything from daily reports and timecards to meeting minutes and punch lists in one central location, quickly accessible for status updates and approvals.

Field-Focused to Streamline Communication

Texts, phone calls, and emails between the field and office often get lost, delayed, or forgotten. But with the eSUB mobile app, communication is streamlined. Supervisors can take field notes and enter the keyword, like “purchase order” or “RFI”, to initiate documentation by the office. With eSUB, field supervisors can focus on the job at hand, and leave the office team to manage documents.

Change Order Management to Expedite Approvals

Use the talk-to-text capabilities of eSUB’s mobile app to document detailed jobsite issues. Generate standardized change orders and attach backup documentation — whether photos, plan markups, or daily reports — to provide a complete picture. The better the documentation, the more likely changes will be approved quickly.

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All reporting, project details, and data in one place

Power to the Trades Podcast

The Power to the Trades Podcast is a show dedicated to showcasing conversations with construction professionals about how technology can empower Subcontractors and move the industry forward in the future.
Eliminate fragmented point solutions that create unnecessary data silos. Aggregate project data into eSUB for complete visibility and transparency into operations.

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