Increase Crew Productivity

Productivity is the goal of every subcontractor, especially in the face of the diminishing workforce forcing construction companies to do more with less in order to stay competitive. To do this, your firm needs an integrated software solution to streamline the manual processes that are wasting time and money in your projects. 96% of construction professionals admit that a consolidated technology strategy and a single source of data are crucial for achieving the mobile productivity they would like to see in the field. So say goodbye to your outdated paper documents and Excel spreadsheets, and say hello to cloud-based integrated construction software.

Here are some of the ways that eSUB will improve your productivity:

Save Time

Time is money in any construction project. However, currently 70% of the time spent on the construction jobsite is spent coordinating rather than doing construction work. eSUB can lower this amount of unproductive time by streamlining processes and allowing more time for construction work to be done. This will allow the team to accomplish more in a day, and finish projects on-time which will lead to project owner satisfaction.

Fewer Errors and Rework

Mistakes that are left unnoticed can be deadly for a project. These often lead to the need for rework, which is costly and sets the project schedule behind. In a survey conducted by On Software Center, 65% of professionals surveyed agreed that rework is the number one cost incurred on a project. eSUB helps the subcontractor avoid rework by improving communication flow and allowing for early detection of mistakes due to greater project transparency.


Mobility is absolutely essential for the construction workers to be able to do their job effectively and for the subcontractor to be aware of what is going on in the field. eSUB allows the on-site workers to get more productive work done by saving them a trip to the office and saving them time waiting for responses from other parties.
eSUB also gives the subcontractor greater project visibility. For example, mobile timecards automatically clock employees in and out and can geo-track these employees to ensure accurate and honest reporting of their timecards. Mobile technology also allows the subcontractor to track equipment, which leads to higher accountability and fewer lost materials.

Instantaneous Information and Communication

Before mobile technology not only was the back office completely disconnected from the field, but the people in the field were disconnected from each other. This led to inconsistency of information, uninformed decision making, and lack of project transparency.
eSUB bridges the gap between the field and the back office while also allowing for communication between field workers on the jobsite.
Should anything go wrong on the jobsite, the foreman can immediately call for assistance or get a new piece of equipment without causing delays. Employees can also be immediately notified of any changes or delays that occur to the project plan so that everybody always has the most up-to-date information.
eSUB not only improves the speed of communication, but also the quality, by allowing users to send pictures and videos that are more demonstrative and communicate at a higher level. This allows for better communication of problems and therefore higher quality responses and solutions to those problems.
This instant communication flow eliminates downtime often incurred waiting for responses before proceeding. Now these answers can be attained immediately, causing less work stoppage.

Streamline and Standardize Processes

If you find that your subcontractor firm loses time and money dealing with everyday processes and documents such as RFI’s and change orders, your firm needs a software solution like eSUB that can speed up these processes and create standard documents.


Sufficient Documentation

Paper processes are inefficient and take time to not only create the documents, but to search for them or recreate them when they are lost. eSUB automatically stores all documents in a fully searchable database. eSUB automatically stamps these documents with time/date so they can be more easily retrieved. Documentation is crucial for the subcontractor since they only get paid for what they document, but it can also be useful to have in case of litigation.


Software integration means having all of the capabilities to complete different tasks within one platform that can be shared by many users. eSUB allows the project user to view the entirety of a project all in one place. This allows for consistency and more-informed decision making. eSUB also allows for the pushing and pulling of information from one module to another. For example, eSUB’s accounting integration with Sage can pull information from eSUB’s mobile timesheets to avoid multiple entries and ensure no manual errors.
Traditional email communication outside of the use of construction software can create miscommunications and siloed data. eSUB’s email integration automatically saves email trails to the specific project so any questions and communication that occurred on a project will be saved and easily searched for.


eSUB understands that the role of the subcontractor is anything but simple. That is why eSUB is specifically designed to make your life easier by automating time-consuming processes, automatically storing documents, and consolidating data in a logical manner. eSUB is a necessity for any subcontractor to improve crew productivity and ensure long-term sustainability.


Request a demo of this software to learn how you can:

  • Integration capabilities allows for push and pull of data
  • Find any document faster in a fully searchable database
  • Bridge the communication gap between employees
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Standardize processes