Improve Time Keeping and Labor Productivity


How much time are you wasting tracking down timecards? Are you frustrated with having to enter time information in multiple applications – timecards, project management system, accounting software? Go paperless and get more accurate data with eSUB Time.
eSUB Time is an easy-to-use mobile solution that delivers the flexibility for employees to punch in/out or manually enter time entries or hours worked. Bridging the gap between the office and the field, employees can view and edit time entries, and send messages to the office to resolve discrepancies. eSUB Time provides for accurate time entry from your field workers to deliver real-time labor productivity information for the office team.

During this webinar you will learn:

  1. How a mobile time keeping app can save time for your employees in the field and office
  2. How easy it is for your office team to review, reject/approve, and export time card information to reduce data entry and increase accuracy of financial reporting.
  3. How time card data enables you to track and improve labor productivity




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