Improve Scalability for Company Growth

According to Dodge Data and Analytics, construction jumps have been increasing, creating more work for the subcontractor firm. This means that subcontractor firms must increase productivity with limited resources. It is time to look internally at your current construction processes and ask yourself, is your firm well-positioned to scale for growth?

Using Poorly Designed Technology

Frequently when construction firms are using technology that does not align with their specific business needs or they do not understand how to use the software to its full capability, they end up using Excel or paper documents, which counters the productivity that construction software is meant to provide. eSUB fully integrates with many partner solutions that allow the subcontractor to manage a project in its entirety, eliminating the need to use Excel or paper documents. eSUB’s integration also allows for a “push and pull” of information, eliminating the need for multiple data entry.

eSUB is Designed for Subcontractors

Your construction technology must be tailored to your specific needs. The needs of the subcontractor are drastically different from those of a general contractor or any other project stakeholder. eSUB is the leading construction management solution designed specifically for the subcontractor. Carmen Carbone, the Director of Business Development for Kasper Electric, said: “eSUB’s Service and Training was very smooth because they understood our way of doing business- the subcontractor way of doing things, which is very different from needs of General Contractors.”
Without the subcontractor-designed construction management software in place, standard practices, like RFI’s and change orders, can cause project delays and incur extra costs. eSUB speeds up these processes by digitally sending and receiving these documents, and automatically stamping them with time/date, and storing them in a fully searchable database – connected to every project. Everything related to a project is one, secure place.

Increase Visibility of All Projects

When the subcontractor is unaware of the project as a whole, issues go undetected and therefore unresolved. eSUB provides total project transparency that allows the subcontractor or any other user to catch mistakes before they become problematic.
Inaccurate or insufficient documentation causes project confusion and trouble down the line when trying to find information on previous projects. While it takes an average of 18 minutes to search for a paper document, eSUB keeps all documents in a fully searchable database so any document can be retrieved in seconds and be updated in real time. Having complete records of all documents is important not only for the subcontractor to get compensated, but also to avoid costly litigation should it arise.

Standardize Your Project Delivery Processes

Onboarding and training can be a tedious and ongoing task if your subcontractor firm does not possess the right resources. eSUB will aid in training and onboarding by providing standard practices that can be tracked and recorded. eSUB provides a user-friendly platform that will allow all employees to be more productive and will keep job quality and satisfaction high.

Do More with Existing Resources

By having construction software that fits your needs, your subcontractor firm can scale and do more work with your current resources throughout the project lifecycle. eSUB, a construction technology tailored specifically to subcontractors, will allow the subcontractor to complete projects faster and stay within the budget, which will also increase satisfaction among the project owners.


  • Perform more work with existing resources
  • Onboarding and training efficiencies
  • Complete and accurate documents, files and paper trails
  • User-friendly interface and ease of navigation in the field or the office