Help Recruit & Retain Workers with New Technology & Systems

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Help Recruit & Retain Workers

If you’re still using old business management and motivational techniques, it would likely be more beneficial to adapt with the times, particularly when utilizing technology. With the growing labor shortage, the majority of contractors report finding qualified workers difficult. Technology is an important tool to streamline processes and improve workplace efficiency without burning them out.

Collaboration Tools for Increasing Productivity

The job site is not just in the field. With designers, estimators, supervisors, and accountants needing to access information from many systems to ensure the project is completed on time and to budget, collaborative tools are a necessity. Having a system that allows workers to quickly and easily comment, document, and share site information with the back office and vice versa increases productivity. eSUB allows all users to do their very best work in the most productive manner by allowing users to streamline redundant processes. Taking advantage of eSUB’s solutions results in constant collaboration and immediate communication that creates a sense of teamwork and camaraderie that establishes higher job satisfaction.

Technology Designed for All

eSUB’s mobile and cloud-based field data collection and document control platform is designed for both veteran and new professionals joining the workforce. It offers features and capabilities that draw workers to construction firms using our advanced, but easy to use, applications to drive construction.

Technology Focused on USer Experience

The world is changing at a rapid pace and taking construction along with it. Firms need workers that learn quickly, can implement new technology, and find new solutions to problems. When tools fail, the modern employee can think creatively to solve the problem, and when a new tool and workflow emerges, it doesn’t take them long to learn and implement the system. Not only are modern workers tech-oriented, they are also notorious multi-taskers who are comfortable performing many tasks simultaneously.

eSUB attracts these workers by providing an application designed with the user experience in mind. eSUB will also allow all users to increase productivity by being able to complete multiple tasks at once without causing confusing overlap or disorganization.

Committed to Continuous Growth & Improvement

Perhaps most importantly, workers rise up to a challenge and want to be a part of continuous growth and improvement. A company’s dedication to continuous improvement can be measured not only by their values but also by the tools that they use. Having construction software like eSUB in place will communicate to the workers that your company is innovative and cutting-edge, always staying one step ahead of competitors and influencing the industry.


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  • Get everyone on the same page through better team collaboration
  • Connect the field to office with real-time communications and document tracking
  • Build trust and encouragement across the teams and customers
  • Enable multi-tasking and increased productivity in the field
  • Increase visibility, quality and profitably for every project