Welcome to Today’s Presentation: FMI Consulting Discusses Driving Best Practices in Business Development.

As organizations try to make sense of the changing markets around them, many are putting renewed efforts into their business development approach. After observing a significant shift in this direction, FMI conducted an extensive, in-depth survey of contractor CEOs and top executives in an attempt to identify the current challenges of the business development process and those solutions that are yielding positive results.


Key findings from this research lead to a greater focus on what works based on direct experiences of contractors who are leveraging a total business development culture within their firms. Some of the key takeaways will help you:

  • Determine why the same old sales tactics do not work any longer.
  • Implement successful new business development activities and measure the results.
  • Instill a company-wide business development culture to drive new business opportunities.
  • Establish creative strategies that focus all of your resources on the customer.



Please join Jim Schug, Principal and Engagement Manager at FMI, the largest provider of management consulting, investment banking, and research to the engineering and construction industry as he discusses the dynamic findings of this report.


Excerpts from the Webinar:

  • Six Keys to Create an Adaptable Organization
  • Strategy and Vision
  • Integrated Talent Strategy
  • Operational Excellence
  • Sales and Customer Focus
  • Leverage Technology Multipliers
  • Culture
  • Market Truths
  • You are perfectly designed to get the results being generated
  • Courageous decisions are based on facts
  • What facts to you need to go all in?
  • What Does it Really Take to Win?
  • Go-to-Market strategy
  • Focus/persistence
  • Favorable markets
  • Customer demand
  • Project win strategy
  • Pricing for profit
  • Competitive advantage
  • Skills and processes to execute
  • Talent to deliver
  • An eye for the future


Identifying What Customers Really Want?

  • On Budget
  • On Time
  • No Surprises
  • Personal Attention
  • Dependability
  • Returned Phone Calls
  • Good Communications


And, much more information for contractors to up their business development game.